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How To Work Remotely On Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8

How To Work Remotely On Samsungs Galaxy Note 8

Most of us are usually lost into our 9 to 5 routine and sometimes it seems monotonous, believe me. To have some change in life, probably couple of days a month, it is suggested to work remotely with the permission of your company. This will bring some refreshment in your hectic scheduled life.

However, a large laptop and a charger in your backpack may be heavy and searching for free Wi-Fi or else a strong hotspot signal may turn bothersome. So, why not to try working on a compatible smartphone? One such is the latest Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. It comes with S Pen and is perfect to cover up most of your office work on the go.

One of the biggest advantages working on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is its huge 6.3-inch screen size offering good amount of space for writing, reading and reviewing. Even being a giant phone, it is slim and one can easily hold the device in one hand.

Before you make use of it to work remotely it is suggested to set up ‘Apps Edge’ with all those apps which are used frequently like Chrome, chat and email.

Apps Edge is simply a customizable menu and it pops out from the side when you are on home screen of the device to facilitate keeping each app within thumb range.

Set up split screen widget App Pairing too for Outlook and other platforms that you use in your office so that you can review emails on one screen and answer to colleagues on the other without the need of jumping between the apps.

galaxy note 8 s pen

Similarly, during your leisure hour you can watch TV on one screen and use social media on the other.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is definitely different from other smartphones due to its S Pen too, which is a pen-shaped device for navigating or writing on the phone. It’s write tool is excellent and helps in annotating on the screen. You can open your Microsoft file and start working on it, editing, making notes or whatever.

With the help of S Pen you can also write on PDF files and screenshots. You can take notes on webpages and sign documents too.

Unbelievably the pen device has accurate write-to-text conversion. Your jotted down things gets automatically converted to text. Its simply amazing.

The Galaxy Note 8 is compatible with desktop solution, DeX. With the help of its several responsive apps the transition from smartphone to desktop has become seamless. This mean you can jump from mobile to desktop anytime in between your work.

Don’t forget to use the feature of Dual Messenger system of the phone to keep professional and personal accounts separated and ready. Sign up with different accounts so that you don’t send something from wrong account. This feature also saves you from signing in and signing out several times on the go.


The Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is imperative for smooth work flow and has the capability of fitting conveniently to anyone’s everyday life. So, make your job life easy and smooth, paving way to spend some time for yourself.