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Why And How To Set Up Project Fi On Pixel 2

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If you already own either Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, you might be knowing what is Project Fi by now. Even if you don’t have the device and planning to buy one, this article will try to help out in understanding the newest smartphone feature of Google and how you can benefit from it.

Project Fi is Google’s own service. It is the search giant’s own carrier offering and one of the best things for Android enthusaists on their devices. It is focused on simplified billing and those who have earlier used the previous versions of Pixel or Nexus may be aware you don’t require a SIM card for the feature.

Definitely no physical SIM card of course as it comes with an eSIM that is quick in connecting to Wi-Fi.

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Why to set up Project Fi

If you are using another carrier, it seems to you not making any sense setting up Project Fi, but there are certain reasons why you are wrong.

– Through other carriers international roaming is pricey, but with Google’s Project Fi it is cheaper. One GB of data will cost you just $10 with free texts offered in it. For voice you need to pay at least $0.20 per minute. You can enjoy the rates in more than 135 countries. However, you can pause the service if you don’t need it for a maximum period of 90 days at a time. After 90 days period expires, you can pause again for another 90 days. You will not be billed for the period.

– Switching between another carrier and Project Fi is just a couple of button taps away. You don’t need to reboot Pixel 2 and even not to remove the SIM card. It’s easier than thought.

– As the new feature uses a combination of Sprint and T-Mobile network, you raises your opportunity to remain connected with the outer world even in areas where your carrier does not provide a smooth service.

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How to set up Project Fi

Setting up is simple. You need to sign up with Project Fi app and link it to the device having a Fi account. If you don’t have the account, create one from fi-google.com.

Next, log into your account and follow prompts. When asked whether to use Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL for a SIM, select your device. Thats all and now enable the Project Fi app on your phone. Follow prompts again to allow switching to Fi. The process may take around 10 minutes.

How to switch between carrier and Project Fi

It is quick and easy. Head to Settings > Network & internet > Mobile network > Carrier. Over here you can see Project Fi under Available carriers. Simply tap on it and thereafter Switch. The same is to be done while returning back to your carrier.

Pausing Project Fi

Pausing can be done 90 days at a time. After the completion of 90 days you will receive an email informing you that the service is back again. However, if you don’t need the service, you can pause it again. You will not be charged during the paused period.

Simply go to the Project Fi app and select Manage Plan under Account tab. Scroll down here and tap of Pause Service.