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Four Methods for iCloud Unlock of any iPhone 7 +, 6S+, 6S, 6+, 6, 5S, 5C, 5

for iCloud Unlock of any iPhone 7 +, 6S+, 6S, 6+, 6, 5S, 5C, 5

Have you purchased an iPhone from a small local retailer or from the internet for half the market value thinking that you made a good deal? But, when you have tried to use the device, it asked you to enter the Apple ID and password. This post is all about iCloud Unlock!

Well, if you have been in this kind of situation, then it means that your device is iCloud locked. Before you can use this iPhone,  you will have to enter the Apple ID along with the password from the user who has activated the protection in the first place. But if you are unable to enter these credentials, then there is no doubt that you have a serious problem. When this happens, your primary concern should be the method which you will use to remove the lock.

In case you cannot contact the former owner and to ask him to remove the protection, you will need to find a reliable iCloud lock remover service that will not damage or have negative consequences on the device in the long run.

Official info about iCloud Lock removal

When you purchase a new iPhone, the basic setup of the device asks you to set up the phone with an Apple ID. In addition, you may also set up an iTunes account, to enjoy all the benefits and application which the Apple store offers. Along with these options, there is also an additional feature called “find my iPhone” which serves to provide the ultimate protection for the Apple device. So once you have all of these features set, when the phone is restarted or turned off, before you can use it, you will need to enter the Apple ID and password.

All of this sounds simple; however the real problems start when a device of this type is sold over the internet. In case the seller has not deactivated the protection and has not provided the details on how to login to the apple ID, you will need to find a reliable service to unlock the iCloud locked handset.

Possible unlock solutions? 

Even if you own an iCloud locked iPhone, that does not mean that you should get rid of it. There is always a way, and we will let you know on how to remove the iCloud lock, but before start unlock process needs to check iCloud Lock status on your iPhone to be sure that find my iPhone it’s ON or OFF. Of course, if you search the internet database you will find many web services that offer these type of unlock solutions, however, you must pay attention and use only the verified ones.

Luckily enough, we offer to you the perfect service for iCloud Activation lock bypass.

Here are short instructions on how to remove the lock:

  • Open Settingsàselect Wi-Fi. Press the “i” button which is right next to the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect to
  • Remove the existing DNS settings and add new ones in accordance with your current location:
  • For Europe add-
  • For North America/USA add -
  • For Asia add
  • For Other areas add:
  • Press on “Back” and now navigate to “Activation Help”

After the bypass setup is finished, this message should pop up “You have successfully connected to my Server”. From this point forward you should have no problems whatsoever to unlock the iCloud locked device. Still, please remember even though this is a quick and easy solution, it is not a permanent one.

In case you want to permanently resolve the iCloud Lock problem then you should read the next instructions.

Permanent iCloud unlock solution

  1. Open Menu-Go to Applications-Crash. The iPhone will restart automatically
  2. Choose your language and country. Next, select the Wi-Fi settings
  3. Press on the “i” option which is right next to the Wi-Fi network. Scroll down and tap on the Menu which is under “HTTP PROXY”.
  4. When on the server, you will need to list 30 emoji icons
  5. While in the Port Zone, you will be prompted to list around 15-30 random characters
  6. Several times the language and Unlock screen will be shown. Each time you will need to slide the unlock screen and select the language options until you are given access to the Home screen

Once you have unlocked the iCloud on your iPhone you can start using the device normally. Still, please remember that even though this will permanently remove the iCloud lock, it is not an ideal solution mostly because every time you try to use apps such as FaceTime, you will need to do the iCloud Activation unlocks procedure again.

Fast and easy Online Service – Bypass any iCloud locked iPhone

iCloud Unlock of any iPhone 7 +, 6S+, 6S, 6+, 6, 5S, 5C, 5

The best, most efficient and fastest service to remove the iCloud lock on any given iPhone is to try the official iPhone Unlock service. As you know, the 2 methods which we have described above, may give you a piece of mind for some time, still, both of these methods cannot compare with the online service which we offer.

With the OFficail iPhone unlock you do not have to worry about anything, the unlock will be on a permanent basis and you will use the safest unlock service on the market.


  • Cheap and permanent iCloud Unlock that requires no jailbreak
  • Fast Carrier check (so you can avoid wrong unlock order)
  • Permanent iCloud Unlock for any iPhone no matter the baseband, firmware, model or baseband

Official step by step instructions for iCloud iPhone Unlock:

In order to successfully remove the lock on your Apple device without any issues please follow the instructions bellow:

  • Step 1: Visit the Official iPhone iCloud Unlock page. From the website interface press on “iCloud Unlock”
  • Step 2: Right below the “Device Details” tab, type all of the required data and choose your iPhone model. Next, press on the “Add to Cart” tab
  • Step 3: Next, you will be prompted to enter your contact details. Please write a valid email address on which you will be sent notifications about the unlock progress
  • Step 4: Now, submit your payment. We use highly secure transactions servers, so everything is safe.
  • Step 5: Once the payment is made, a confirmation email will be sent to your email
  • Step 6: It may take a couple of days till the unlock is finished. Once your iPhone has been unlocked you will be informed via email

Congratulations, you have managed to successfully unlock your iPhone!!!

This particular method is far the best when it comes to dealing with iCloud lock related problems. It is extremely cheap and gets the job done right. There are no further hassles and no side effects. The unlock is permanent and legit.

Unlock iCloud locked iPhone for free

If you are the original owner of the iCloud locked iPhone and you cannot afford to spend money for iPhone Unlock at the moment, then you can try the alternative free unlock solution. To do this you will need to go to the local Apple store.

In case you have forgotten your iCloud login credentials among which the apple ID or password, you pay to ask the personnel at the Apple store to help you out.

However, if you have bought the iPhone from second-hand retail, you should try to contact the seller as soon as possible and to request the iCloud login data.

Even though these methods may seem easy at first sight, still you may find yourself in the very delicate situation. As you know, apple is very strict when it comes to security, so if you are really the first owner of the device, you will need to provide all of your ownership data. In case you miss even one small document, this method may not work.

Which method is the best for my iCloud locked iPhone?

All in all, we can all realise that there are many options which can be used to try to remove the iCloud lock on any Apple device. Some methods are fast and reliable but do not offer permanent unlock solution, while some are expensive, time-consuming and offer an unlock on a permanent basis.

Really, it is up to you to make the decision about the unlock service which you will be using, however, you should really think before you choose. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that you select the official iPhone Unlock service, mostly because this service is extremely fast, safe and secure, and do not cost a lot of money. The user does not need to send the apple device anywhere because the unlock can be conducted online, and in addition, this method is reliable and permanent.

If this post is helpful to iCloud Unlock, then do share it with your friends! Stay tuned for more updates!