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PITAKA Carbon Fiber Wallet Review: Best Magnetic Wallet

PITAKA carbon fiber magnetic wallet review

Here is the PITAKA Carbon Fiber Wallet review!

Who wouldn’t want their wallet to have a unique, premium and robust look and feel?

Even though our wallets are the least shown off accessories that we use, we carry it almost everywhere. So if you are someone who is crazy about wallets and want to have the most unique and awesome-looking wallet, then today we bring you the PITAKA carbon fiber wallet review.

PITAKA Carbon Fiber Wallet Review:

Okay, when you hear the term carbon fiber wallet, the first thing that pops in our mind is that it should be damn expensive, given we have only heard of carbon fiber being used on sports cars and other expensive items. The carbon fiber used in the PITAKA wallet is enhanced by Aramid fiber.

Carbon Fiber Wallet PITAKA

Aramid is a type of fiber that is heat-resistant and very strong. The main use of Aramid fibers is in aerospace and military. The aramid fiber is used to produce ballistic-grade body armor and also used as an asbestos substitute.

Carbon Fiber Wallet PITAKA

So, for a wallet, the PITAKA carbon fiber wallet is indeed expensive, at around $100. The use of carbon fiber makes the PITAKA wallet lightweight and really durable. Moreover, the choice of material is quite a welcome as most of us use leather-made wallets. The PITAKA carbon fiber wallet feels really comfortable in the hand, and the design is indeed subtle and pleasant looking with the textures.

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Not just the choice of built material, but the design of PITAKA carbon fiber wallet is unique as well. It features a modular design so that no matter how thick your wallet regularly is, the PITAKA carbon fiber wallet will suit all your needs. Moreover, despite how filled your wallet is, it should not be a pain carrying your PITAKA carbon fiber wallet around given its super-slim built, and being a carbon fiber wallet, the PITAKA wallet will always remain light, no matter how thick it is.

Carbon Fiber Wallet PITAKA

You can also purchase extra PITAKA carbon fiber wallet insertion pockets to put in more cards. However, each insertion pocket will cost you $30 each.

Another great feature of the PITAKA carbon fiber wallet is its accessibility. The modular concept along with the sliding technology used gives you a very different experience while using the content of your wallet. It is easier and faster to access the contents of your PITAKA carbon fiber wallet than any other traditional wallets, which means you will no longer need both the hands while accessing your wallet, all you need is a thumb swipe to access all the contents of your wallet. The PITAKA carbon fiber wallet is designed such a way that even if the card is facing upside down while in the wallet, they won’t fall off.

PITAKA Carbon Fiber Wallet Review

Along with comfortability and convenience, the PITAKA carbon fiber wallet also offers its users with security. Its Anti-RFID technology blocks any access to the RFID chips present inside your debit/credit cards, metro card or even access cards when placed inside the PITAKA carbon fiber wallet. Thus keeping all the important and sensitive data safe from any hackers.

When you pay $100 for a wallet, you need it to be as unique as possible. So you can have your name or any custom slogan of your choice printed at the top of your PITAKA carbon fiber wallet to make it stand out from all the wallets out there.

Make sure that you don’t have any card with magnetic strips! It kinda won’t fit perfect with Pitaka Wallet!

If you are interested in buying the PITAKA carbon fiber wallet, then log on to their official website at ipitaka.

Final Words:

Hope you found the PITAKA Carbon Fiber wallet review helpful. If you have some friends who are crazy for custom and unique wallets, then do share this review with them.

PITAKA Carbon Fiber Wallet Review
  • 8/10
    Design - 8/10
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    Material - 9/10
  • 8/10
    RFID Protection - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Value for Money - 9/10


Unique RFID blocking wallet with cool design for today’s lifestyle made with Aramid Fiber!