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Impact of Digital Tools in Workplaces


We are known as the lazy generation. We love to pass our days staring into the oblivion. Technology has, no doubt, made our lives easier and it has made work more efficient for us. But as it has made our lives easier, we have become as lazy as a sloth bear. Why travel miles to go to work, when you can just work from home? Why spend 2 hours sweating in the kitchen, when you have Swiggy and Zomato just one app away? Why bear the pain of cramming fingers after writing your notes and lectures, when you can just record them and listen to them later at home? Because of the “digital tools” we have lost touch with hardwork. Digital tools have the ability to increase or decrease the quality of work and productivity, depending on the user.


Although digital tools help us connect with distant places and people,but it has a even more profound negative effect.This has come at the expense of good old fashioned face to face interaction.Devices that need our serious attention have overtaken our relationships with our family and friends.Thus altering our entire social structure.


The workplace is now solely dependent on digital tools and the strength of internet connection that determines how fast they’ll work.Such Workplaces that are dependent on devices,productivity also becomes dependent on those factors.This means any  technical problem can hamper the device and so the productivity.For example if there any server down takes place,the digital tool will also decline.Thus causing damage to our work or tasks.


Most people do their work on laptops or computers and with the whole internet at their fingertips.This can lead to easy distraction in our on going work.Digital tools like social media costs us several minutes and so we waste a large amount of time behind them.

Digital tools also make their money for advertising and even a smallest adverts in a sidebar can act as as distraction.All these badly interfere with our works.


Communication and interactions in workplaces are hugely important for the welfare of the company.Works and tasks require to be discussed properly and delegated.Technology has grown so far that there are thousands of tools for texting,calling and video calling.All these communication methods are done simply through wifi.

The most important loop hole that it has covered is the delay in response.Now no time is wasted in waiting for replies or meetings,as messaging tools deliver communications instantly,and render face to face meetings unnecessary.

Before digital tools came into existence,personal calls at work places were shunned down due their interference in the productivity levels.But now ,we are able to spend unlimited time in messaging people through various apps or social media.


Digital tools help track down activities of workers at their workplace.Desktop applications indeed helps the managers monitor their employee’s working time and make bills accordingly.So whatever sites or tools are used by the employees are recorded instantly.When we feel like we are monitored,we work more efficiently and we put our all into it.Even the managers who put extreme work pressure on their employees unnecessarily are shunned.


Before the advancement of technology,we were all into paper works.All the contacts,details,description are written down consuming a lot of time and man labor.But at present there are so many technological tools paving their way to us that our works are made a lot easier,replacing man labor.

Online calendars acts as an personal diary reminding us of our works,meetings and appointments.There are different digital tools that help us store our files,documents etc for example Google drive,Microsoft OneDrive.

We are lucky to have such tools which help us work better, communicate better. Association and organising data also has been made significantly easier and faster. They encourage collaboration and real time interaction which allows individuals to work on documents at the same time. In essence these are the tools that invoke effective time management and efficient collaboration hence increasing productivity. There’s no doubt that technology has allowed us to accomplish more in our jobs. Our day to day interactions have been made easier. Social media is a devil in disguise, it may seem very charming at first but once you start browsing you will find it difficult to stop, even if you said one hour ago that you would get back to work. There are so many people still out there who are not so technically advanced and cry tears of sweat just to earn 2 days’ meals.