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Infolinks Guide : Earn Money Online With Your Blogs


The main aim of every new blogger or Pro-Blogger is to make some money online via their blogs or websites, and they try to get earn more money and maximize their earning with all available methods,

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Am I right?

When I started blogging, i thought that, AdSense is the only way to make money online. But when AdSense account does not approved or account blocked, then all hopes of online earning lies down. But I started to research online and hence i’ll get many other AdSense Alternatives , which you can use and make money with your blogs.There are a number of AdSense alternatives are available on the internet, which are given as much as you can earn with your blogs.

I also search ,many days, hence i reached on the best Google AdSense Alternative, which name was “ Infolinks “ a text based ads network, which is the best alternative of AdSense and you can make huge amount of income online via your blogs.

Infolinks Guide : Earn Money Online With Your Blogs

What is Infolinks ? Why You Should Choose this Network?

Infolinks is a text based ads network company which was started in 2007 and since they will helped thousands of blogs owners and publishers to make money online with their blogs and websites. Many publishers are liked this network because of their text ads.

If Adsense account is not approved of any publishers then the second choice of these publishers is Infolinks . I also used this network and i’ll found this is the best for all other networks.
How Infolinks Works?



(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Infolinks is a text-based ads network and works as a pay per click ( PPC ) ads network. When we insert their codes into our blogs then its ads appear on our sites, within a few seconds.

It can make words into Adwords, means some specific keywords are make to advertisements, so when user click on these type of keywords, user will be paid. It is also works as a best eCPM ( Cost Per Mile) ads network, as many impression you got, on your websites or blogs , as much you can earn with Infolinks.

Why You Should Choose Infolinks To Make Money – 4 Reasons

1 – Easy Account Approval

Due to the hard term of services ( TOS ) of Google AdSense, all publishers are not approved, but in infolinks publishers approval are so easy. Yes , its true!

Getting infolinks is a very easy way. They don’t have hard term of services like AdSense, it is so simple, Just if you have a blog , and some text based articles int it, then you can simply approved on infolinks are started earning via your blogs.

2 – Easy Installation Process

Now, when you once approved on Infolinks, then the second step is to install these ads into your blogs. It is a targeted text based ads network, so you can simply add html code into your blog, and it is automatically links to your targeted keywords and became it a advertisement. So when user click on it, you get paid.

It is also offers 4 types of ads, so keep reading or go to your account for more information.

3 – Monitization is Maximum

Due to text based advertisements,it is the maximum monitization network and you can earn more money online. Usually people gets banner advertisements method for better monitization. But in my opinion, infolinks text ads is the best monitization process,because when user comes to your site and see your maximum keywords links, it engaged and then also revisit your site again and again.

4 – Withdrawl process is very easy

The final step and almost all publishers waiting for it is the withdrawl process. Because when you go out the threshold requirement, and withdrawl your money via available methods, this is the time you are awaiting for. Infolinks provides you the multiple methods to withdrawl your income. Now, you need not to wait for a cheque and then its cash for a many days. In this platform, you can withdraw your funds through many methods which are given below:

ACH ( U.S Only) – No Fees
PayPal – U.S Citizens $1, Else Everyone 2% upto 10$
Bank Wire – 25$
Echeck – 6$ + 2% for Currency Conversion
Western Union – 15$ Minimum
Payoneer – 50$

It can’t takes no longer than 45 days to make funds transfer.

Types of Infolinks Ads That They Offer:

As i tell you that earlier, they are basically offer four (4) types of advertisements, so you can more monetized your contents and make more money. They offer 4 types of ads which are given below:

In-Fold Ads
Infolinks Guide : Earn Money Online With Your Blogs

It is the most new feature of infolinks, called “ In-fold” ads. When user visit your site, it will automatically appear onto your blog, so user impression comes out more, and also user click on the the link and you will get paid some commission. It’s completely an UNOBSTRUCTIVE ad unit for publishers and blog owners. With these type of ads your revenue maximize 400% more.

In-Text Ads

Infolinks Guide : Earn Money Online With Your Blogs

In-text ad unit is the most popular and famous ads network now a days. It is just like a normal link’s, you can also customize your links via your blog design. As your blog color, make sure that your links color also similar as you blog design. You can also select the maximum number of intext ads, which is 12 and also other customization option used for better results.

In-Tag Ads

Infolinks Guide : Earn Money Online With Your Blogs
In-tag is the first ad unit which deliver by the Infolinks. In-tag analysis the top keywords on your pages and display relevant ads related to your content specific keywords.You can also create your own custom tag cloud, so you can attract more visitors and earn more commission.

In-Frame Ads

Infolinks Guide : Earn Money Online With Your Blogs
This is the best revenue generating ad unit of this network, but it is not used mostly users because of its sizes acrossing the both sides of your blog. You can also noticed that it may be some unused margins of your blogs. But overall, it is the best monitization methods to engaged more visitors and make more money with Infolinks ads network.

In-Screen Ads

Infolinks Guide : Earn Money Online With Your Blogs
This is the latest ads unit of infolinks which is developed in 2015. This feature helps the publishers for more impressions and get more click from your visitors and also get more revenues. This appear as full screen when ever user click on any link in the site and when he close the ads links will be open. So with this feature you can generate much more revenue in a little time.

Small Guide To Started With Infolinks Ads Network

first of all, visit INFOLINKS and hit the “ Sign Up “ button on the right side upper corner. And fill out the simple form given it.When you send your application, it will takes 1 to 2 days for reveiws your site.

Step2: If your application request will be approved ,now you can simply login into your account and go to customized tab, and customized your ads unit and then click on the integrate button, and simply copy the JavaScripts html code and paste it into your blog anywhere, within a few seconds ads will be appear in texts, in-tags, in-fold etc.

Note : If you are on the self-hosted WordPress blog, then you can also used it using plugin.
So you can use and earn as much as you have traffic. More traffic means you get more commission .

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Final Words :

So if you want to make a blog or already have a blog, and if not approved by adsense then don’t disheart, don’t worry there are number of networks of adsense alternative, which you can use easily and earn much money as you can.If you already use infolinks or have any experience then comment below the section and tell me wether it is good or not. In my opinion Infolinks is the best google adsense alternative if you use this properly. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s Start ! ! !