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10 Top WordPress Plugins That Save Your Time & Effort


WordPress is the best , famous and very powerful blogging platform, where you can create blogs as well as responsive website. The main part of WordPress is it’s plugins.

image : top wordpress plugins that save your time

Plugins are basically some important short type of software that are installed in a WordPress for the better results. These plugins will be add more and some new functionality to your WordPress sites. Here are some important plugins that are very important you must know.

These all plugins are open source plugins and you can download then from the WordPress Official website in a plugins category.

10 Top WordPress Plugins That Save Your Time

#1 – Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Yoast SEO is a very famous SEO plugins for WordPress sites, that can be manage all your Search engine optimization of your blogs or websites. It is most featured and fully functionality plugin that you can used easily and free of cost.

#2 – Google XML Sitemaps WordPress Plugin

image: Google XML sitemap top wordpress plugin that save your time

With the Google XML sitemap WordPress plugin, you can easily generate and then submit your blogs or websites sitemap to the search engine especially Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools .

The main thing of this plugin is that you can only submit your sitemap only once, this plugin can automatically update your sitemap, when you publish new post on your blog. 

#3 – Broken Link checker WordPress Plugin

image: broken link checker top wordpress plugin that save your time

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin is the most important and awesome WordPress plugin. Links are most important in the blog traffic. Without links you cannot rank higher in search engine.

All blogs get broken link over time – it’s unavoidable. Some contents of your blog posts, that are not correctly linked or un-linked without your knowledge.

Few broken links also find in almost every site, but this is the very bad things for your viewers. This plugins manage your all broken links in a very easy way. 

#4 – W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

image: W3 Total Cache top wordpress plugins that save your time

This plugin basically used for the increase speed of your WordPress site. Caching memory are used to speed up your browsing speed. Because when any one comes to your site, it will load your entire page, but when he second time comes to your site, also whole page load so this is very lengthy process.

Using this best and very famous W3 Total Cache plugin you can manage all your cache automatically.

So when one user come to your site it will add to your cache memory, so when he comes back, browser can use cache so don’t reload your entire page startlingly. So use this plugin and increase your WordPress blog or site browsing speed. 

#5 – Wordfence Security WordPress Plugin

image: wordfence security top wordpress plugin that save your time

Wordfence Security plugin provides you the world class security. It will protects your blogs and websites from Malware, Hacking or any other illegal attacks.

This plugin manage all your login input data, your users IP’s , and also collects much information, related to your site analytics. 

#6 – Quick Adsense WordPress Plugin

image: Google AdSense top wordpress plugins that save your time

Adsense is the main source of income of almost all bloggers in the world. Many professional bloggers can earn huge money with their blogs using AdSense.

Quick Adsense is a famous and powerful plugin, which is used to insert and manage all your advertisements of any network and any where of your blog posts. This is a best platform where you can manage your advertisements in a one place. 

#7 – Akismat Plugin WordPress Plugin

image: Akismat top wordpress plugin that save your time

Akismat is very popular plugin, that is basically used for checks the spamming comments, links etc. It can automatically checks spams comments and list out.

Basically you can say that, the whole comments process are automatically check and manage this plugin.You don’t check which comment is good or which is spams. So use this plugin which is free of cost and download from the official site of WordPress.

#8 – JetPack WordPress Plugin

imagE: jetpack top wordpress plugins that save your time

Jetpack simplifies and managing the WordPress websites. It gives you the full analytical report of your visitors, with security services. It also automatically optimizing images so it loads fastly.

It helps you to getting more traffic from search engines, it is a free plugin. It protecting your site against security threads and spammers. It also gives you the main dashboard where you managing your site like posts, menus, plugins, stats etc.

#9 – Growmap Anti Spambot

image: growmap anti spam plugin top wordpress plugin that save your time
Growmap anti spambot specially designed for keep safe WordPress sites from spammers. It defeats automated spambots simply by adding a client side generated checkbox. 

It is a free plugin that provided by Andy Bailey. It becomes the most useful WP Plugin that save your site from spammers automatically.

#10 – iTheme Security WordPress Plugin

IMAGE: iTheme security top wordpress plugins that save your time and manage security
My best choice is iTheme security which is formerly known as Better WP Security. It is the best plugin in market that secure your WP site against hackers, spammers, and security threats.

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It gets the award of No.1 WordPress security plugin. It gives you 30+ different ways to secure your website / blog and protecting it. According to iTheme surveys, over 30,000+ websites hacked each and every day.

So use iTheme Security plugin for you WordPress sites and make it safe and secure from hackers, spammers and security threats.

Conclusion :

As everyone who use WordPress CMS system, know that it is the best blogging platform for your professional blogging career. The basic thing is that, you can selects number of plugins according to your business needs as well as your requirements.

There are also many other plugins which I have not mentioned here. But next time, I will covers more new and valuable plugins and share with you on this blog.

So keep visiting for more learning about Blogging, SEO, WordPress, Marketing related stuffs. Anything in your mind please feel free to comments below this post.