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How to Insert Blank Spaces in HTML Pages or Web Documents


As you know that, multiple spaces normally created by the space-bar on the keyword. Also using the tab key and return keys. But these all are ignored by web browsers when you writing a code. HTML just interprets them all as white-space between words, and displays on a single space. CSS (Cascading Style sheet) allows you to making a more precise white-spaces and indentations. Now here I’ll show you how to easily add blank spaces in html/css documents or web pages.

IMAGE : How to Add Blank Spaces in HTML Documents
IMAGE : How to Add Blank Spaces in HTML Documents

How to Creating Extra Spaces Before OR After Text

There are different ways to adding a blank spaces in html web documents. Like the first most used method is to add html entities ( ) inside html documents where you want to add blank space. All new users taking this more confusing things to add space just by pressing spacebar multiple time.

For example, with “This is How to Guide for HTML Space Creation” we have the below code in our HTML.

This is How to Guide for    HTML Space Creation

Insert Spaces in Texts in HTML Elements 

If you’re pasting text with extra spaces or tabs, you can simply use HTML tags which is known as <pre> tag. It can easily keep the text formatted. Check out the example below :
This      is     the     text     of     inserting      space
Now check out this example and see it’s HTML code below.

<pre class=”tab”>This    text      has    lots of     spaces</pre>

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Creating a TAB using CSS and HTML

Almost everyone know about TAB button. A TAB can be easily created in HTML by simply adjusting the margin from left side of an element. Simply check out the below example of CSS and HTML code :

.tabex {
margin-left: 2.5em
So these are the simplest examples and methods to easily insert spaces in HTML pages or web documents. I hope that this might be helpful to you and if you like this post then please share with others on social media sites. You can also share other methods which you know below in the comment section and I’ll adding your method in this post too.