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Video SEO: How to Promote YouTube Channel and Make It Viral


If you’re a newbies and wants to start a YouTube channel then it is so easy simply read my complete guide. But the question is that, when you start a channel then the biggest thing is that how to promote you YouTube channel and making it viral. To gain the virality of your channel, the users must be very careful while designing and creating the YouTube channel.

image: Video SEO: How to Promote YouTube Channel and Make It Viral
Video SEO: How to Promote YouTube Channel and Make It Viral

There are different key steps that helps you to earn unique identity and getting huge views among the different channels on this video sharing platform. Here are some important tips and steps to turn your channel into a viral hit easily.

So follow my simple steps below and feel free to starting your YouTube career and make money from YouTube. Here I’ll discuss some tips about YouTube channel promotions that helps you to getting a huge amount of traffic (Video Views) and tons of subscribers easily.

Thinking About Your Channel

Before the creation of your channel, it is very important for you to be careful in choosing a username for your YouTube channel. Channel name is very important and after some times it becomes your brand name that recognize you and your identity.

Always choose simple and easy to remember channel name that your audience easily know about it and remember it always. On YouTube platform, you must becomes a unique for better performance and huge success that you always want to get. Always trying that your username name must be match with your channel URL, and it must be unique, short, rememorable etc.

Designing in Smarter Way

Designing is a very vast field, but people don’t given the importance about designing and they think it not as important as other factors. But believe me, better designing helps you a lot for your YouTube success.

First of all, select your channel type according to your niche / topic and match them with the categories provided by YouTube and plan a complete design of you channel which reflects your company or brand with the audience.

Create unique channel logo and YouTube banner art in any graphics designing software and making a professional logo and banner art. Remember that, your logo and banner art reflects your audience and it becomes a brand while some time, so always focus more on it.

 Optimized Description, Title, Tags

Many newbies or almost more than half of YouTube total users not write video description, perfect title, or even not add any tags. They just create video and upload on channel and hit publish button.

The description, tags are very important if you want to getting a higher ranking in YouTube, Google and search engines, and getting a huge amount of traffic.


The description must be unique, informative but not be too lengthy like a story. Simply include some popular and good keywords that engaged better with search engines. Use tags (Meta Tags) which helps you more to increase your visibility.

Your video title must be unique, catchy and attracting. It must be appropriate to your channel. But remember that not overdo this because it consider as spamming and your channel will be banned, suspended or even terminating permanently.

Subscribe and Promote

When you upload some videos with proper setting, including tags, title, description, thumbnail etc then go to watch others videos which is related to your videos, and subscriber their channel and promote yourself.

Comments below these videos and telling others to subscribe you for some new this kind of videos. It is a greate way of channel promotion and in this way you can easily promote your channel and getting success in YouTube career.

Use Social Media Sites

No doubt, today is the social media age. Every one use social media sites and always connected with them. Simply create your account on all popular social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Stumbleupon etc and share your contents on it. They will helps you to increase your views and subscribers and helping you for your success.

Upload Frequently

I’ve seen hundreds or even thousands of people on YouTube, that create their YouTube channel, uploading 40, 50 videos, and then move to other. They not get back to it until it will getting subscribers and views. This is a very bad strategy specially for newbies.

Uploading contents (Videos) frequently onto your channel and be sustainable, if you want to become successful in YouTube career. YouTube wants to updating their contents on regular basis, so always be frequent and sustainble and uploading everyday new video on your YouTube channel and make it a brand and making thousands of dollars every single month.

So these are some important points for YouTubers. I hope this might be helpful for all of you if you have a YouTube channel or want to start it. Simply follow all these simple steps and becomes a successful YouTuber.