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How to Install Android O Emoji on Any Android Device [5.0+]

How to Install Android O Emoji on Any Android Device [5.0+]

As everyone knows, Google recently announced the Android O Beta version with noticeable changes and features. One among the update includes the new emoji characters and Google says this new emojis will be updated regularly with the latest emoji on older Android releases. If you want to install Android O emoji on your android device then this guide post will help you! You can install Android O Emoji on any Android 5.0+ devices.

For last few years, the emoji gave good entertaining while chatting with others and here is a new set of emoji instead of old emoji. The installation process of “Install Android O Emoji” includes two main step! All the steps are mentioned below in crisp-clear that make any users install easily without any issues!

Install Android O Emoji [Android 8.0 Oreo]

If you have an Android device running on Android Lollipop and above versions, then you can easily grab these new emoji. But for installing Android O Emoji you need to installed a custom recovery tool or rooted your device with Magisk. If you already own a Google Pixel devices then you can install Android O Beta directly. So you don’t need to install Android O Emoji manually on your smartphone.

This mod file shared here will replace the current emoji’s on your Android device with the new ones announced with the Android O Developer Preview 2. Without these Magisk and Flashable, you can’t install Android 8.0 Oreo Emoji/Emoticons/Smileys on Any Android Phone. 

Pretty interested in installing Android O Developer Preview 2 Emoji? How to download android o emoji? How to Install Android O Emoji? Before installing, do you want to see how the new emojis looks like?

Check out the below images to know the difference of New Android O Emoji,

How to Install Android O Emoji on Any Android 5.0+ Device

Some more samples of New Android O Emoji,

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  • Your device must installed with TWRP Recovery tool [Recommend].
  • Need to install Magisk v11.6 or higher [Recommend]
  • Create a backup of your system partition – Link

Download Android O Emoji [Developer Preview 2]

Magisk ModuleMagisk-AndroidO-NotoColorEmojiReplacer.zip

Flashable ZipFlashable-AndroidO-NotoColorEmojiReplacer.zip

Why Magisk Module?

It’s because the system requires Magisk and it will work systemless without modifying this system partition of your smartphone. So it’s recommended installing the latest version of Magisk.

Why Flashable Zip?

This file will replace the system font inside your smartphone. It’s really simple, just take a backup before installing new Emoji on your device.

Install Android O Emoji on any Android device

In order to Install Developer Preview 2 Emoji on any Android device, there are two major steps to be followed. As we shared two files above [Magisk + Flashable] you need to install them separately only your device. But it’s an easy task! We have shared all instructions in a step-by-step manner.

So just follow it and you can easily install the Android O Emoji on your device.

How to Install Magisk Module Version

  • Download the Magisk Module from above and move the file to your phone memory.
  • Open the Magisk Manager app.
  • Go to ‘Modules’ section and click on the ‘+’ button.
  • Choose the downloaded zip file and it will begin the process.
  • Once it’s done, reboot your device.
  • Follow the next half-step to install Flashable Zip file. Yeah, that’s the final step to Install Android Developer Preview 2 Emoji on Any Android Devices.

How to Install Flashable Zip Version

  • Download the Flashable Zip file from above and move the file to your internal storage.
  • Reboot your device into recovery mode.
  • Tap on ‘Install’. Navigate to and select the download file.
  • ‘Swipe to install’ and once the installation is complete, reboot your device.
  • That’s it! From now on you can send some new Android O Emoji 😀

You have successfully installed Android O Emojis on Your Android Device. We hope that you like this Guide on How to Install Android O Emoji on Any Android Device. In case you have any issues while installing it then drop them in comments below.

Image Source: EmojiPedia

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