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On-Page SEO : Is Keyword Density Now Irrelevant?


Keyword Density is the percentage / ratio or a number of times that a single keyword or phrase appears on a single web page divided by the total words on a page.

Keyword density is a very important factor in on-page SEO. It is very relevant and I hope always important because if you adding keywords more than it’s ration then search engine robots will banned you or drop down your ranking.

image : On-Page SEO : Is Keyword Density Now Irrelevant?
Is Keyword Density Important?

Keyword density plays a vital role in the search engine ranking. It is just a ratio that can be calculated easily. e:g if you write an article about 500 words and target your any keyword, then you can target your main keyword up to 10 to 15 times. Because search engine only allows 2% to 3% keyword density in a single article.

But I always recommended you to use 2% density.

Many newbies doesn’t care of it and include their keywords as much as they can and then want to rank first on Google. 

In the past, this is a very good technique when search engine not so powerful and they only ranked web pages according to their targeted keywords which they use in their articles.

But now search engine becomes so popular and they use different algorithms that verify each and every single web page then crawl and index. Many times they update their algorithms for better performance. 

Keyword density not just about the single target keywords, it also depends on relevant words and phrases and they also played an important role as a long-tail keywords.

Than frequency of the keywords , it’s position matters first. Always use your primary keywords in your blog post title, in headings H1, H2, and H3 and also in URL / web address, and also use in the post body.

But don’t use more and more, because it comes under the spamming category. If search engine robots find spamming into your post, then they can adding to the spammers list, that means your ranking will be dropped in all SERPs, and also banned you. 

My Tip : “Build in your primary keyword just once or twice and then focus on other synonyms and semantics (related words) in a single article.”

I’ll telling you to always working and focusing on the long-tail keywords that helps you more to drive more traffic to your blog and getting higher ranking in search engine.

If you’ve a knowledge and you do proper keyword research and also you’ve the capability to properly analyze your keywords and use them into your posts, then you can easily getting higher ranking in search engine like Google and increase your website traffic.

Always write for your audience / readers and focus on it. First naturally writes and then optimized it using your keyword research capabilities and then realized how much density use. Keyword density is irrelevant unless you are keyword stuffing (spam).
So don’t become a spammers and always writing a high quality and fully SEO Optimized articles which are only for your readers not for you. 
I hope you’ll getting your answer, and if you find out something missing then please share with me in comment box below. If you find this helpful then share with others.