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SEO Tips: Is Search Engine Optimization Now Irrelevant?


Is SEO irrelevant? I see this question many times on the internet especially now a days. You think that what I want to say. SEO is the grandfather of all the digital marketing techniques and strategies.

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SEO Tips : Is Search Engine Optimization Now irrelevant or Not?

Without it, we don’t survive in the sea of content marketing online on the internet – or we do?

Search Engine Optimization is a very important and powerful marketing technique which everyone used for getting higher ranking in search engine results (SERP).

SEO is all about ensuring that the people will seeking your content find it easily on search engine if you optimize your web page properly.

SEO becomes and more popular and risen to it’s peak value in the past few years. Due to the information technology, almost all companies are shifted from traditional way of working to internet and computers working.

All companies rely on internet marketing for promoting there brands with the world and getting huge amount of profit with it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) around the globe are getting used to promoting products by optimizing contents for search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

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The important term risen in this age which is know as “SEO Discovery”.

What is SEO Discovery?

SEO Discovery is the meaning of finding new ways of getting relevant information and ignoring the irrelevant information. Like the most famous social media websites, e:g, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon etc are being mostly used than search engine.

Now people does not rely on the search engine to finding different relevant information according to their taste and interest. Because they found all the stuffs on social media sites easily and quickly.

In fact, the Google Programmer Matt Cutts, mentioned in his latest video tutorial about webmaster guidelines with Danny Sullivan that SEO can help you or not with your online reputation. Watch the video first :

SEO Video : What are Some Search Trends on Your Radar?

But without any doubt, Search Engine is the best source of relevant information. You can simply putting the keyword or phrase and getting many results which some are relevant to your interest and some are irrelevant.

SEO can be refined so different factors consider by search engine and then ranked any webpage in search result. e:g

Content Is King : No doubt contents is the more important factor in search ranking. Always write unique and informative but attractive contents that your readers would love to read for better and higher ranking in search engine.

Mobile Friendly Site : Mobile Friendliness also a big factor because mostly traffic comes from smartphones. So search engine tells and recommended you to build a website which is completely mobile friendly and if your website is not mobile friendly then you lose TONS of traffic daily.

Both are the important factors now a days for getting traffic from search engine and also they recommended to webmasters top optimize your sites as much as they can.

Search Engines have also tried so much to getting a better understanding of the intend behind queries.

So if you think in this context, then also SEO is relevant because getting higher results in social media sites, we also doing some kind of optimisation on it and then ranked.

Search Engine are much relevant than any tool because they loves the strong hierarchies, well formed articles, optimized URL’s (Web Address), much relevant information, targeted keywords etc. Search Engine updates are useful and now they display only much relevant contents to internet user that satisfied that users.

SEO still used more and very relevant when you need to attain the relevant information from the search engine, and and getting targeted traffic to your website and also immediate exposure.

So in my point of view, there are many topic which we discover and talk about the question “Is SEO irrelevant?” . But as a result, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes more relevant according to the search engine updates,because it evolves to meet the changes from the all major search engines especially Google.