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How to SEO Optimize Images For High Search Engine Ranking

On-Page SEO is a very important and Image optimization is a compulsory factor in on-page for getting high ranking in search engine. Without Image Optimization , you lose huge amount of traffic.
image about how to seo optimize images for better search engine ranking
On-Page SEO: Image-Optimization-Tips

Almost all newbies ignore this step and they not realize this, but images can gives you the huge amount of traffic from image-based search engines like Google Image search.

If you choose awesome and attractive images and adding them into your posts, then also helps you to strengthen your message to your audience.

Images plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) If you properly optimized your images then you will get more traffic to your site. So in this article, you know how to SEO optimize your images for your blog posts.

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If you write a 500 words article and don’t use any image in that article, then your readers get bored and they leave your site instantly. Images makes your article more attractive and eye catching.

Image Optimization is the On-Page SEO technique which is very important. If we do this properly then we get a TONS of traffic from Image search engine.

So just write a quality contents is not enough now a days because search engine becomes much smarter. Ranking your post in search results will be contain different factors and if your site fulfill that requirements then you’ll automatically ranked.

On-Page SEO: 8 Tips to Optimize your Images For Better Search Engine Ranking

Image Optimization is the important technique of on-page SEO. It is the building blocks of on-page optimization. Images play an important role and they visualize your contents.

Many times you see that quote :

“Images is better than texts”
“Images speaks well than thousands of words”

So I recommended you to always optimize your images and improve your ranking in SERP. Here are some things keeps in mind for better SEO Optimization of images.

#1 – Images are Relevant to the Topic

Many times I seen on the internet on many different blogs, images are not relevant to the topic. When you doing the image optimization for SEO, then image relevancy has play a very important role.

For example, if you write about “Sky” and your image about “Earth” then you can clearly understand what I want to say you. So keep in mind that, when you use images, try to find more relevant images to your particular topic that you covered in a post.

#2 – Proper Name of Your Images Descriptively

When you capture image from your camera or mobile phone, they will automatically gives a image name which is something like a number of “image-32534-2223” etc.

Search Engine doesn’t know about that image of what topic this image covered and what say by the image. So it is important to give them a proper name offline which is in plain English and descriptive form that explain the theme of the image of what about this image.

In image name, don’t use numbers because these are annoying and search engine confused when they crawling your images. Always give a name in small letters and adding a ( – ) between all words. e:g, “seo-optimized-articles-for-bloggers”etc.

#3 – ALT Tags SEO Optimized

Google itself tells in their “article about images” where they clearly guides to webmasters to “Create great alt text” that helps search engine robots to know this image what want to say.

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As when we adding a image in HTML format then it’s context is something like that :

<img src=”blogging.jpg” alt=””/>

Which is not good and search engine doesn’t allow you to use this kind of stuffs. Without ALT tags image doesn’t ranked in search results because Search engine robots only reads the image with their ALT tags.So this format is not so good.

<img src=”blogging.jpg” alt=”blogging tips”/>

This format is the best of adding ALT tags in every image paritcularly. Always adding ALT tags wisely because it is the main heading of your image that search engine recommended you.But also not overestimate to write ALT Tag more descriptive . e:g

<img src=”blogging.jpg” alt=”Blogging is a very popular term now a days and almost every internet users know about this term.”/>

Search Engine doesn’t recommended you to write this kind of ALT tag. Always select ALT tag wisely which tells the whole story of the image to search engine robots.

#4 – Reduce the Image Size

As we download images from search results and similarly used in our posts. This is a wrong way to use images without proper SEO optimization of images. Many images has a very big size which first we reduce them and then we use in our posts.

For this purpose to reduce the size of the images, you can use these websites JPEGmini or PunyPNG which both are the best online tool to reduce the size of the images.

#5 – Finding Images

Almost 90% bloggers and webmasters use Google Image Search to finding the images for their posts. Always do that stuff but smartly.

image about how to search free stock images from search engines


Google allow you to use these images which are not copyrighted. Simply go to google, their Search Tools and click on Labeled for Reuse option and download any image and reuse into your post.You can also use images from Flick Creative Commons licence images that are awesome and in HD quality. Also you can use the free stocks images that I always recommended to all our readers to use these images and then editing to your needs and use into your blog posts.

#6 – Title Text of Images

In images, Title Text is same like ALT text which you can also adding to your images for SEO optimization. This will also describe your post more effectively.

Almost ALT text and Title Text same but I recommended you to always use different title text and ALT tag in your images.So in this way, when any one search title text keywords your image appear and if they search ALT tag keywords also your image appear in search results (SERP). So always tried to adding a title text too into your images.

#7 – Submit Image Sitemap

In WordPress you can separately create a image sitemap and submit to search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. Sitemap also helps you to crawling your pages fastly and your ranking also higher in a very less time.

Google also share this tip to the webmasters to submit their image sitemaps to all major search engine and getting higher ranking.

#8 – SEO Optimized Captions

Captions also very important in Search Engine Optimization of images. When you adding an images into your blog posts. write the captions of that particular image and include your primary keyword in it’s caption that will helps you for better ranking.

So these are the some tips for SEO Image Optimization. You can use all of these tips and optimizing your images and then use into your blog posts.

 Then see the magic your images getting ranked and you’ll get a extra traffic from image search engine.Images also helps you to rank your particular blog posts in SERP,so always use attractive and user-friendly clean and simple images into your blog posts.

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