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Key Business Tech Trends For 2021

Key Business Tech Trends For 2021

With technology developing rapidly, it seems that each year, new trends shape much of the world, particularly when it comes to business. A few likely tech trends will emerge in 2021, many of which will be a result of the pandemic and how this has changed the way companies operate. This means that staying current with these tech trends could help a business manage during these difficult times and overcome many of the challenges currently being presented. So, read on to discover the main tech trends for 2021 and how they could help your business.

Increased Usage Of AI

AI has been on the rise for a number of years but is now just starting to show its potential. AI will likely play a major role in business this year and beyond because it can be used in so many different and valuable ways. A few of the best uses of AI that will likely be common this year include:

  • Chatbots to improve customer service.
  • Data analytics to improve strategic decision making.
  • Process automation to cope with labor shortages.
  • Mass personalization to improve the customer experience.

Businesses Going Green

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries must find ways to be green. This is because now is the time for action against climate damage, plus today’s consumer is becoming increasingly eco-conscious, so businesses need to take action to improve their reputation. Additionally, many of how you can do this can also help to lower your operating costs too. A few of the best ways to make your business green with tech include:

  • Being a paperless office
  • Increasing recycling
  • Alternative energy
  • Energy-Efficient equipment
  • Smart thermostat
  • Remote work

Open-Source Communication Platforms

Remote work is a major trend in 2021, and many businesses plan to continue with this even once the pandemic has ended, as it can bring so many benefits. Communication can be a challenge, though, but it is easy to overcome this with open-source communication platforms that all teams to easily send instant messages, share files, share screens, video calls, and much more. Slack is not the only option, and there are a handful of popular Slack alternatives that can increase productivity, collaboration, and support.

Increased Cybersecurity Measures

The pandemic has created all kinds of challenges for businesses, with cybercrime being one of the biggest. The pandemic has led to a sharp rise in cyber-attacks, with so many employees working remotely and advanced new scams taking advantage of the current situation. This means that businesses of all sizes need to ramp up their cybersecurity measures, including making sure that they have the best and latest protection in place and staff training to stay safe while working remotely.

These will be the main tech trends of 2021 and staying up to date with these could help a business manage and even thrive during these challenging times. Just make sure that the tech you’re investing in is what is relevant for your business and industry.