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How To Make Older iPhones Run Faster


Older iPhones are now slowing down and Apple has confirmed it citing the purpose of it is to preserve deteriorating battery capacities. So here is some tips how to speed up your iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE.

Free up some space

The first and foremost thing to do is to free up some space of the device. Remove some apps which you don’t need. This will lighten up the iPhone. Even remove some photos and videos which are backup in your computer, laptop or in cloud. Install iOS 11 as it has some tools to help you regain some on-board storage.

Embrace HEIF

With the iOS 11 the photos and videos are saved in different file formats to result those with smaller file sizes. The photos are saved in HEIF format while videos in HEVC format. Simply head Settings > Camera > Formats and thereafter select High Efficiency to allow the device to save the photos and videos in new formats.

Update your apps

It is true sometimes old apps does not run smoothly on the new operating system and hence those need updation to become compatible with iOS 11. Head to App Store and tap Updates and thereafter tap Update All to update the apps.

No automatic updates

Try to update apps manually instead of allowing it to update automatically. This will speed up the processor and also eat up less battery. To do this head to Settings > iTunes & App Store and thereafter tap the toggle switch to turn off Updates in the Automatic Downloads section.

No background app refresh

Some of the apps refresh their content automatically in the background and this occupy the CPU cycles. Stop this automatic update by heading to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and thereafter tap the toggle switch off. You can also do it for individual apps by checking their settings.

Reduce transparency and motion effects

Several effects are used and these too reduce the speed of your device. Though such graphics are made to improve user experience, but it should not be at the cost of performance and get choppy animations. Head to the Settings > General >Accessibility > Reduce Motion and thereafter tap the toggle switch to turn on Reduce Motion. Similarly, it can be also done by toggling off Auto-Play Message Effects. However, you will be missing some fun.

Following this go to the Accessibility screen and here tap the line above Reduce Motion titled Increase Contrast. Tap thereafter the toggle switch to turn on Reduce Transparency. Note that it will lower the transparency and blur effects, but of course will speed up the performance of the device.

Dial back location services

Take note that location services chew up battery life and to some extent even the performance. Delete those apps which uses GPS of your device. You can even choose to not allow the GPS system while using the app in iOS 11. Simply head to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and adjust the settings here.