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Online Cart Analytics And Conversion Features – Here’s What You Should Look Out For


The online cart of your online store is important which is why you should consider many factors before you choose one. You want your customers to complete buying from your store after they have added it to the shopping cart. In order to ensure this always takes place, there are some analytics and conversion features that you need to keep in mind.  These will ensure that the shopping cart that you have in your online store is able to get you the desired sales.

Online Cart Analytics Features That Must Be Present

  • Reports

The cart should be able to provide meaningful reports. When you have reports that you can work with, it will be easier for you to make informed decisions on a lot of aspects of your business. Reports help you see where you are lacking so you can improve that problem area.

  • POS System Integration

If you have two stores; one online and one offline, then you want to be able to sync the data for both of these. You need POS system integration so you can manage inventory etc. For example, Shopify provides you with a very simple way to integrate POS system into your online store.

  • Accounting Software Integration

The shopping cart must integrate with the accounting software that you use. This helps you import important data such as invoices, sales orders, and so on. It makes it easier to make reports. QuickBooks is one example that you can integrate with brilliant e-commerce solutions like Shopify.

  • Google Analytics Integration

It is a good idea to get your online cart to integrate with Google Analytics if that is not already the case. This can help you to analyze data from e-commerce and you can get useful website related information. You can get reports that can help with making business decisions as well.

  • Phone Tracking Integration

The online cart should be able to integrate with phone tracking details. This syncing of data will allow you to get better analytics and make smarter decisions about your online store. This applies to the different types of online stores.

  • CRM Solutions Integrations

It is absolutely necessary that the shopping cart is able to efficiently integrate with CRM. This can help you learn about the behavior of customers and what types of products they purchase on a regular basis. You can make improvements accordingly. Shopify has powerful CRM capabilities.

Conversion Features That Online Cart Must Have

  • Payment Gateways Integration

Your shopping cart should provide all the basic and popular payment methods. Shopify provides a plethora of payment options and over 100 payment gateways!

  • Cart Abandonment Recovery

The cart should be able to recover the lost customers; the people who did not complete the buying of the products they had added to the cart.

  • Search

The online cart should have a search bar through which customers can search. The customer should be able to search for the desired product easily.

  • Gift Cards

Your shopping cart should have the option whereby customers can pay partially or fully through gift cards.

  • Guest Checkout

Customers should be able to check out as a guest whereby they do not need to register. The cart should not force anyone to sign up to your store.

  • Upselling

The cart should have the ability to upsell by showing all the relevant products at the checkout. This can help increase conversion rates as customers are likely to buy these products.

  • Discounts

The online cart must have a section for applying discounts and codes of various types. This will motivate the customer to buy more.

  • Easy Checkout

The shopping cart should provide an easy way to checkout without any complications at all. For example, Shopify has a clean interface that allows super-easy checkout.

Shopify is a platform that provides simple checkout options.

Online Cart Analytics And Conversion Features

  • Promotions

You should be able to add promotional offers and these should be redeemable in the shopping cart. The cart should allow you to add or remove with ease.

  • Loyalty Programs

Your online cart should allow you to set up loyalty programs so that you can reward the customers who buy often or who spend a lot.

  • Mobile-Commerce

The shopping cart should be easily viewable from your customers’ mobile phones. Shopify enables free mobile-commerce so customers can conveniently view your website.

  • Bundles For Sale

You should be able to conveniently add bundles of products for sale. The cart should allow offers for specific bundles.

  • Review

When your customers are able to review and rate your online store products, more customers are more likely to take what they say seriously. Positive reviews mean more conversions.

  • Wish Lists

The shopping cart should allow customers to create any wish lists that they want; private and public wish lists.

  • Integrations

The cart should give you the ability to add integrations. Shopify provides a large range of add-ons and integrations that you can easily add to your online store.

Once you inculcate these features in your online cart, you will surely be able to boost your sales like never before. You should ensure that all of these features are given considerable thought as these will help your business grow. Your customer retention will improve, customers will be more likely to order multiple times, and you will be making more sales.


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