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4 Features for Easier Transactions in Macback

4 Features for Easier Transactions in Macback

Macback is an online site that provides the service of PC or laptop selling particularly those with Macbook series from Apple. The platform has been experienced for years in serving the customers who want to sell their gadget. Interestingly, it makes available to all types of Macbook starting from the old to the new ones. Besides, you can also sell a kind of laptop in which the conditions are no longer perfect.

Macback gives the customers some features to ease them more in doing the selling process. So, what are the features?

Easy Process

In the beginning, all the process can just be done at home via PC or Smartphone. You only need to go to the official website of Macback and follow the instructions given. In general, you only need to submit the important data including the personal data and other data related to the laptop. It is to find the quote of the price. The quote of price is able to access only in 40 seconds or less. Sure, the price can be changed based on the conditions of the laptop itself. The better it is, the price can be higher.

In the initial process, you can also make an appointment with the courier where and when both of you should meet for laptop transaction. Although it is more suggested to meet at home, it is not bad if the meeting is done in the other place. Besides, it must be clear also when you want to meet with the courier. Based on the reviews from many customers of Macback, the courier always comes on time. While he cannot, he must contact you first.

Courier Service

It has been mentioned in the previous point that Macback provides couriers to pick up the laptop. Sure, the number of couriers hired is not a few so that they can just work more professionally in facing the customers. However, the courier here is only for picking up the item to sell. Then, he must bring the laptop to the main office of Macback so that the laptop can be checked up. Therefore, he doesn’t accept the payment.

Faster Payment

You don’t need to wait for a long time until the day of payment. It only takes around 48 hours after the courier comes to you and takes your laptop. However, it doesn’t mean that the price is exactly the same as the quote given in the beginning. If the condition is the same as the data submitted before, sure, you can just get the same price. But if it is not, sure, the price can be less or more than the estimation.

It is important for you to be honest since the beginning regarding the conditions of your laptop. If there are problems that you don’t know what and why it is, it is still suggested for you to share them all. Therefore, the process can be much simpler and faster. Meanwhile, Macback also gives you the details of your payment. So, you should not worry about being paid too expensive or too cheap without any logical reason.

Available for Some Transaction Methods

Available for Some Transaction Methods - macback

In general, the payment system is via bank transfer. Since the beginning, there are some questions given regarding the bank where you save your money along with the account number. Sure, it is as the address where the money should be sent. Despite the local banks, this online buyer site is also able to transfer your money via some other accounts including Faster Payments and PayPal. The method is just the same in which you only need to submit your account number first.

However, for the sake of safety and effectiveness, Macback doesn’t provide the direct payment via courier. Well, in other words, when you meet the courier, he only takes your laptop but doesn’t give you money. Since the payment process is only in 2 days or less, it should not be a big deal for sure. For more information, visit this site.


Macback is one of the online site and platform that provides the services of laptop selling especially the series of Macbook. To ease the customers more, it gives some features during the process. They are an easy process, courier service, faster payment, and transfer transaction method.