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Pup Scanner Review – The Connected Pocket Scanner to Scan Faster

pup scanner review

Have you been lately wondering on innovative smart gadgets that can improvise the way that you scan documents currently? Well then maybe the pup pocket scanner is what you are looking for. The pup scanner is an app-based pocket scanner device that provides you with a friendly and innovative way to scan documents on the go.


If you are interested to know more about the Pup Pocket Scanner, then today we are here with a detailed review of the Pup Scanner so as to give you a better overview of the device.

Pup Pocket Scanner Review:

Pup Scanner

The Pup Scanner is basically a wireless scanner machine that fits right in your pocket. The scanner works with the help of an application that can run on your Smartphone, which can be used to control all the features and functionalities of the Pup Pocket Scanner.

When I say pocket-friendly I really do mean it as the Pup scanner weighs merely around 198grams and its dimensions are 1.3×1.3×5.3inches only. As seen from the product image featured above, the device features a simple yet stylish and sleek look for a pocket scanner. Its compact physical appearance along with the color options available make the Pup Pocket Scanner a cute little gadget to carry around.


Considering its design and dimensions, the Pup Scanner does offer quite a lot of functionality for its size. First and foremost, the Pup Pocket Scanner makes scanning document or even photos super easy.

All you need to do in order to scan any document, image or a similar file is to place the file inside the laser box projected by the Pup Scanner and then press a button placed at the top of the Pup Pocket Scanner, and that’s it. The Pup Scanner also features a minimal touchscreen whose most efficient use is to switch between different scanning scenarios available on the device.

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The Pup Scanner can be used to scan any document file that has a paper size in the range between A2 to A6. It also has a smart inbuilt LED that provides convenient lighting based on the lighting in the surrounding so as to scan the document perfectly in the first go itself. Moreover, the antireflection feature of the scanner makes sure that there are no shadow or halo effect on the scanned document.

Pup Scanner

Apart from all these, the Pup Pocket Scanner also has Bluetooth and WIFI inbuilt which is primarily used to connect wirelessly with the Smartphone companion app of the Pup Scanner, which can be used to edit the scanned document or even to share it. The Pup Pocket Scanner supports the Word and Excel file format so that you can convert any of your scanned document files to a Word or Excel file without much hassle.

The Pup Pocket Scanner features a rechargeable battery which the developers claim can offer 1000 pages worth of battery backup when fully charged. For more details, visit Pup Scanner official website!

Pup Scanner Availability and Pricing:

The Pup Scanner will begin shipping by the month of October 2017 and you can currently get the Pup Scanner for a discounted price by pledging $139 on its Indiegogo product page. You can preorder or Buy Pup Pocket Scanner from here.

I don’t think they are selling this product on Amazon or any other eCommerce site! But they may plan in upcoming days!

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  1. How’s the appearance of the scanned paper when viewed already in a computer?

    Is the scanned result still then same as viewable, legible, readable as the one when scan thru conventional flatbed scanner ?

    What is the file format, is JPEG or PDF automatically? We need to know this so we can conclude it’s just the same as the we used to scan documents.

    • Hello RayGal,

      You can Scan into Word or Excel format and you can convert them into PDF later.

      Also it supports from A8 to A3 size! But we are not sure about about the default format. But its different from other scanners. It will extract text fragments from your image an allow you to import them into Word & Excel.

      So you can conclude the default as Word format 🙂

      You can find all the information you need on our indiegogo page : igg.me/at/pupscan

      Have a nice day!

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