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Review – DragonFable Free Online RPG, RuneScape Online MMORPG

DragonFable Free Online RPG

DragonFable Free Online RPG

DragonFable, a web browser-based fantasy game, is a fun distraction when one has time to kill (often literally) on the Internet. In fact, this online RPG can be quite addictive. There are many interesting characters to meet, mysterious places to explore, weapons to acquire, and enemies to defeat. This is all done in order to progress in the game, gain experience, and uncover ever-deepening plot secrets.

This game is different from the RPG AdventureQuest, as it has a more complex storyline to uncover and faster action. Both games are well-animated and have, as Courtney Nawara (Executive Game Administrator at Artix Entertainment) calls it, a “campy humor aspect” which she feels “…is one of the biggest draws of the game.” Most certainly this is true as players observed engrossed in the game (August 2008) were prone to laugh out loud in the middle of play.

All in all, DragonFable is an amusing and challenging game that requires quick thinking and strategy.

Playing DragonFable RPG Online for Free (A Quick Newbie Intro)

To start, a new player is directed to design an avatar, choosing his or her own hero’s appearance, battle strategy type (such as mage, fighter, or rogue), and name. This pulls one immediately into the fun of the game as one “becomes” the character…hence, the role-playing part. Each role choice brings its own skills and features, which will make a difference in the gameplay. Once a player’s character is ready, the game is on.

During the game, one meets various good and evil beings. If a player goes in not knowing what to expect, simply wandering around exploring, talking to folks, and clicking on various areas on the computer screen will eventually lead to perilous and exciting (or sometimes funny) quests. A beginner will quickly catch on to how characters move and interact. At first the game might seem a little slow to those used to live video-game action. However, over time battles become more and more dramatic and challenging as a player gains experience and rises in level.

In this game, players can play for short or long periods of time. As long as one completes a “quest,” data is automatically stored for the next time one logs in as their character of choice.

Playing Online for Free

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Playing for free is a great option for those wishing to try out the game. It is simple to register and one does not have to spend any money in DragonFable to have a great time for endless hours.

For more on free online games and Artix, see the website Free Internet Gaming.

Upgrading DragonFable by Buying a Dragon Amulet

While DF may be played at no cost, one may also purchase an upgrade Dragon Amulet that allows a player more options in the game. These enhancements are discussed in the article DragonFable Online RPG’s Amulet Upgrade Review.

Final Review Notes

Though DragonFable is a game of battling monsters and odd undead beings, it is not too dark for most players age 13 and up, depending on the individual. The humor in this RPG breaks the tension of the bloodless (but often creepy) fight scenes and good generally wins over evil. Artix Entertainment has created a game where the animation, characters, and plot in DragonFable are clever and will keep players engaged and amused online.

RuneScape Online MMORPG

Created by Jagex Ltd., RuneScape is an MMORPG (Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game) where hundreds of thousands of people at a time play worldwide. Based in a fictional Medieval world, RuneScape, real people play as their own avatar (character).

There is a popular online game of adventures and quests. However, with the dangers for young people on the Internet, parents may wonder if this is a safe game for children to be playing.

To find out, the author of this article joined RuneScape, and became a RuneScape “hero.”

Safety Features of RuneScape MMORPG

Parents should start by reading the on the RuneScape website.

Players do interact and can “talk.” Players may “ignore” (or block) or report obnoxious or rude players, and often do. Good players seem to thrive on keeping the game clean and safe for all. Real-life friends can have a side chat without others reading.

JMods (Jagex Moderators) and PMods (Player Moderators) are Jagex staff and respected longtime players with spotless records, are roaming “players” who watch for problems as offensive content, personal verbal attacks on real players, the giving out of personal information and such.

RuneScape Rules of Conduct (condensed)

  • No language which is offensive, racist or obscene allowed.
  • No scam or deceiving other players.
  • No asking for other players’ password for any reason.
  • Don’t attempt to impersonate Jagex staff.
  • Each account can be used by ONE person only.
  • No encouraging others to break any of the RuneScape rules.
  • RuneScape items must only be exchanged for other items/services within the game.
  • No asking for or give out personal details.

Safety and Security Section of this Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game

There is also an entire Safety and Security Section any younger player needs to read (preferably with an adult). Just a few words of wise advise from this area include:

  • Do not tell other players personal information. Not even if they claim to be Jagex staff!
  • Don’t tell anyone your real name, email address, home address, messenger handle or phone number. Use your RuneScape in-game friends list to chat and interact with the other players safely.
  • If someone is making you feel uncomfortable then you should not attempt to carry on a conversation with this person.
  • Please see our disruptive members guide for details on both how to ignore these players and reporting them, should they insult you directly.
  • If you need any help… Please contact Customer Support. Have fun and be safe. That’s what RuneScape is all about!

Jagex also give links for how to contact local law authorities and will cooperate with law enforcement in situations of Child Protection.

Unfortunately, despite these rules, children may still be exposed to content parents prefer they weren’t. Sneaky players have figured out ways to write bad or insulting words in ways that are not picked up on by the system. For instance, writing something one letter at a time, such as:

  • Lke2: J
  • Lke2: E
  • Lke2: R
  • Lke2: K

They may also attempt to make fake letters, like using “!3” as a B, and then writing a swear word out of that. Players can report this, but by then, they have already been exposed to the bad language or comments. This is the biggest concern for kids playing the game, beyond game play violence, as there is fighting and killing involved.

RuneScape’s minimum age is 13, which this reviewer agrees is a good minimum. Per the site, RuneScape was never intended for children. Despite this, they do a great job of keeping kids safe.