Home Accessories S. Korean rapper Lee donates proceedings from phone cases

S. Korean rapper Lee donates proceedings from phone cases

S. Korean rapper Lee donates proceedings from phone cases

South Korean female rapper Lee Young-ji donated total proceeds worth 140 million won from the sales of her mobile phone cases to the Community Chest of Korea (CCK) to convey a message of social distancing in the society amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

CCK said the 19-year-old star and her fans had donated the money to the foundation.

Lee is popular among the youths in the country. In 2020, she launched her signature mobile phone case to encourage social distancing and prevent the spread of coronavirus. She stands committed to society and said would be donating the entire proceeds from the sales.

Her signature cases for CG Mobile phones include the design of a comical message to warn people to follow the social distancing norms while going out. Her cases were an instant hit and within an hour there were more than 2,000 grabbers.

The rapper and her fans requested the CCK foundation to utilize the donated funds for psychotherapy services for seniors living alone and lunchbox deliveries who are vulnerable to the coronavirus infection.

Lee also showed interest in supporting teenage single moms, child nutrition projects and psychotherapy services working for child victims of domestic abuse.

A press release from the foundation reads, “We’ve followed Lee’s active opinions as she wanted to help out those in need.”

Thanking to Lee and her fans, the foundation added further that so many people made meaningful contributions by buying the signature cases of mobile phones despite the difficult times.

Hoping the nation can fight the coronavirus together, CCK said things will come to normal soon.

Meanwhile, South Korean Prime Minister Chung Sye-Kyun announced Thursday to ramp up the social distancing guidelines to stop local transmission.

Currently, the country is following a five-tier of distancing system and this has reciprocated as a public backlash arguing unfair restrictions are imposed on specific businesses like late evening closure of indoor restaurants. Hundreds of gym owners and restaurants complained about the impact of the bans on their businesses.

The country has one of the highest proportions of self-employed people in the world. It is about one-fourth of the job market and the segment is vulnerable to downturns.

Ahead of the Chinese New Year, the authorities announced the extension of social distancing by another two weeks. During the holiday South Koreans in tens of millions travel across the country.

The PM said, “Rather than introduce the guidelines unilaterally, we should make the virus prevention rules along with the public.”

Health authorities said separately the latest wave of the coronavirus in Britain and South Africa cannot be ruled out and there are more than three dozens of such variant cases in the country.

On Wednesday, seven new deaths and 451 new cases were reported by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency.

The average daily cases of new infections in the country are more than 400 now, but it is down since December 25 when the peak was at 1,241. However, group infections are rising due to private gatherings.