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How to save money on utility bills in winter

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And energy cost is on the rise and steadily climbing. This translates to much higher winter heating bills for the average consumer. Here are practical energy saver tips designed to reduce winter heating bills even if your watts thermostat is on and keeps you warm.

Utility Company/Energy Audits

Most utility companies will gladly conduct an energy audit of a customers’ home for free. Or the consumer might prefer to seek the services of a professional contractor for a fee who will analyze homes energy systems and compare those to the monthly utility bills. Contractors use such equipment such as blower doors, infrared cameras, and surface mounted thermometers to determine where leaks and drafts are located. After completing the energy audit the contractor will give the home owner recommendations for more cost effective energy improvements to improve comfort and safety factors in the home. The cost for the energy audit by a professional contractor is worth it in the long run because of long term energy benefits received by the home owner.

Winter Heating Source

Install an (Energy Star) energy efficient furnace to save money on your heating bills.

Thermostat Control

Use a programmable watts thermostat to adjust the times the heat is turned up and down during the day. This will save energy and time.
Set the watts thermostat at 68 degrees during the daytime.
Turn the watts thermostat down at night to 55-60 during sleeping hours.
When the house is totally empty turn the thermostat down to 55 degrees.
Window Insulation/Doors
Install insulated window shades on any drafty windows.
Use heavy duty, clear plastic sheeting on a frame or tape to insulate windows during chilly weather.
Close curtains at night to keep in warmth. Open during the day to let in natural sunlight and warmth.
Install exterior storm windows to reduce heat loss through windows.
Inspect doors for drafts, caulk or weather strip where needed.
Check door seals and replace if necessary before cold weather.

More Ways to Reduce Heating Cost

The human body produces heat. Conserve body heat by wearing a heavy sweater, turtleneck, thick sweatsuit around the house. Also, a great deal of body heat is lost through the head and feet. Wear a cap along with thick socks and shoes in the house instead of turning the thermostat up.

Blanket Control

Enjoy watching television, reading, or just relaxing around the house? Instead of relying on home heating, throw a cozy blanket around the shoulders for warmth.

Conserve Home Heat

Many home owners heat rooms that are not occupied. If possible, turn off the heat in any rooms which are not used by the family.

By combining the ideas here the average home owner will save hundreds per year on winter heating bills.

Saving money on energy costs is a great way to supplement a budget and help the environment; using a few simple energy-saving tips can save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year or more, and the changes are simple and easy to make. Energy costs can be reduced by making changes to the use of electronics and how windows are left open or closed during the day. There are many simple ways to make changes that can save a great deal of energy and money.

Reduce Energy Use – Save Energy on Heating and Cooling

Reducing energy use on heating and cooling is an easy way to slash utility bills each month and help the environment. There are many ways to keep the house at a comfortable temperature without using the air conditioning system. Start by keeping windows open on warm days; to really keep the house cool, draw the blinds in rooms where the sun shines in. Keeping the room shaded will keep it from becoming too hot.

On cool days, leave the blinds open and keep windows shut. Check all seals around windows to ensure they are tight. Adding new insulation to a home will also help it maintain an even temperature without the need of an air conditioning system.

Save Money on Energy – Benefits of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

CFL and LED bulbs are a great way to reduce energy use and save money. Replacing even a few incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs cuts energy use dramatically, helps reduce the production of greenhouse gases and makes lighting a room more economical and environmentally friendly.

Recycling CFL bulbs also helps the environment, as it keeps the materials in a productive cycle instead of adding them to a landfill. Reducing landfill waste is an important part of helping the environment.

Residential Costs – Save Money on Bills

Save money on paying bills and doing other paperwork by moving it online. Many credit card companies and banks offer online checking, saving and bill paying. This can reduce the amount of paper that needs to be produced, as well as cut down on the cost of mailing bills. Paperless checking and saving also save a great deal of time, since accounts can be set up to automatically pay bills as they become due.

Reducing Energy Use – Cut Down on Electricity

Electronics use a great deal of energy, even when turned off. Simply unplugging devices like TVs, computers and video games when they are not in use can dramatically cut energy use and reduce utility bills each month. Additionally, less energy use helps reduce the amount of greenhouse gases created to power these electronic devices.

Check computers for power saving settings, which can reduce battery use and help computer battery last longer while using less energy. This is a great way to avoid using unnecessary energy.

Replace and recycle old appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and dryers. Using a more energy-efficient set of appliances can reduce monthly electricity bills and help the environment. Recycling older appliances will keep them from adding pollution and waste to landfills.

Cutting down on energy and utility bills is an easy way to save money throughout the year, and making slight changes to electronics, appliances and other household items will also help the environment. Greenhouse gases cause a number of environmental problems, and reducing humanity’s effects on the planet is important.