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How to Send Any Unsupported File on WhatsApp

Send Any Unsupported File on WhatsApp

WhatsApp the most popular instant messenger has a feature to share files with your friends. But there is also a limitation. If you have noticed, it does not allow you to send all kinds of files. It will only allow files like media and documents. If won’t even support zip files. This could be a headache because other messaging platforms support all kinds of files under a certain size. Why can’t WhatApp do the same? Well without wondering why, we have chosen to show you a way to actually send any file via WhatsApp to anyone. Follow our guide to Send Any Unsupported File on WhatsApp.

What is Steg

We will be using an app named Steg which is developed by LordFME. This will allow us to send any file format using WhatsApp. Steg is short for Steganography which is the ‘art of hiding something within another’. Does that tell you something about what this app is about? Well, what this app does is it will hide the actual format of your file with something else and sent it over to other people. Of course, the receiver should also have Steg which will decode the file and make it usable. Steg encodes your file into a PDF file before sending and the receiver’s Steg will decode it back to the normal format.

With Steg, one can send any file like an AVI video, RAR, ZIP and even APK. You can just tap on the file and send it over to your friend through WhatsApp. Simple as that.

Download Steg to Send Any Unsupported File on WhatsApp

Steg is not available on Google Play Store. So you just have to download the apk from this XDA forum thread. Make sure to enable Unknown Sources from Settings > Security.

Steg APK – Link

Download STEG from PlayStore – Link

How to Send Any Unsupported File on WhatsApp

  • Download the apk and transfer it to your Android device.
  • Install it after enabling Unknown Sources in Settings > Security. This app is safe so you don’t need to worry.
  • After installation, you don’t even need to open the Steg app. It will configure everything itself.
  • Now just browse through a file explorer and find the file you want to send.
  • Tap and hold it to select Share. Choose Steg from the options there.
  • You just have to tap the button named Encode there. A message will pop up notifying that encoding is complete.
  • Then, tap Share Encoded File. Now choose WhatsApp from the list and choose a contact you want to share it with.
  • The receiver like we have already mentioned must have Steg app too.
  • After receiving the file, he/she have to open the file on WhatsApp and select Steg.
  • Then just tap Decode. Once decoded, press Open Decoded File.
  • That’s it.

That’s all from us here today. Hope you enjoyed the guide to Send Any Unsupported File on WhatsApp and found it useful. You can now share any file format with your WhatsApp contacts. Do share and comment your thoughts below.


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