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How and Why Social Games are Rising up the Charts

How and Why Social Games are Rising up the Charts

Gaming has become more social over the years with the advent of social media platforms, apps, as well as Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) platforms.

The usage of social media apps has continuously been on the rise, with every person from, teenagers to senior citizens using them as an alternative to interact with people. Whether it’s a medium for keeping in touch with friends and family or a business tool, it’s become an integral part of people’s lives, and this environment of social media networking has paved the way for social games like online rummy, ludo and even Candy Crush.

The relationship between social apps and games is quite an interesting phenomenon. As you play a game online, you can share your activities, compare scores, and challenge other players via your social media accounts, making gaming more interactive.

According to recently published research, the gaming sector is growing rapidly, and the intrinsic reason is the availability of the fastest internet services yet, and the proliferation of Smartphone devices. Further, mobile gaming companies are leaving no stone unturned to study the audiences mindset and add changes to provide a more personalised experience.

A majority of games are available free of cost and therefore, immediately attracts a potential player’s curiosity to look for new games and features. Engagement with such games has thus increased over time, with the mobile industry launching devices with larger screens, such as tablets. Bigger screen size means better experience!

Multiplayer games

Multiplayer games - Social Games

A Massively Multiplayer Online Game or MMOG allows a large number of players to log in at the same time to compete with each other, providing a platform for interaction with other individuals with similar interests. These games essentially provide a medium for interaction in the form of ‘Chat boxes’, allowing scope for strategy building and group formations. Although the different sub-genres and the construct and design of each game varies depending on the game type, a common observation is the increasingly irresistible characteristic of such social games among people.

The Mobile industry is flooded with a wide range of such social games, catering to various sub-genres like online rummy, racing games, and multiplayer online battle arena, which are seen as the most significant growth areas in mobile gaming.

Having seen that online games are much more sought-after, strategy games, in particular, have been introduced to players via online platforms. These games include, but are not limited to, rummy, chess, football games, and PubG.


Computers have played a significant role in increasing a person’s interest in the game of chess.  In fact, the game is played much more than it used to be. One isn’t required to find players matching their skill level, and the game provides a personalised experience by automatically matching players with suitable opponents. One can also watch tournaments between Grandmasters and other players live on the internet.

With options to play against bots, the internet has revolutionised the way players practise, both professionally and as recreation. Chess engines have clobbered the best practices of human chess players. Before, it was a long drawn process to study and comprehend the tactics and strategies of world champions, but chess engines can now update you with the best moves in every position. Online websites provide platforms and ‘chat rooms’, where players can discuss their games, invite other players for a friendly match or a practice game, or challenge opponents for a tournament. Any member can create a ‘chat room’, create topics for conversations, choose moderators, and allow members to participate in the discussions, creating a virtual club.


The query on how to play rummy game is on the rise because it has received legal recognition now. Today, this social game is considered as an absolute test of your mental skills. Various rummy tournaments are run online, where you can join groups and challenge each other’s expertise. Rummy has gained so much popularity within the genre that it now ranks amongst the top five mobile games. Another reason for its rising growth is that generous promotions and offers are made every day in the form of tournaments, where players can win cash prizes. With secure links for players playing with money, online websites have successfully taken it to the next step of players trusting the platform to play with cash and earn money .

Football games

Football games such as Soccer and Goalkeeper Premier have also taken the online gaming industry by storm. At such online platforms, one can hone one’s skills and turn into a professional to win cash prizes. Players rise in rank as they improve their tactics. These games transform from online to real-time social games with tournaments being held in various countries and cities, where the best of players participate against each other. The internet has given rise to the eSport era, and it’s showing substantial growth.


Gaming has always been a wonderful experience, either individually or professionally. On the back of a rise in online gaming, developers are striving to adapt to changes in the industry, making all efforts to introduce new and better features in games, to give players better gaming experience.

The trend of social gaming has proven to be an excellent way for players to interact and engage with each other online. And that’s why social games or games with social features are growing in popularity.