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Most Productive Ways to Zip Files On Your Mac

Most Productive Ways to Zip Files On Your Mac

Some Mac users tend to use the original Mac app Archive Utility to zip and unzip files. But it only works for very basic needs, there are many additional features lacking, which we’ll discuss further on.

Those people who most likely zip and unzip higher amounts of files because they need to do it for work, tend to use third-party apps and tools. And here’s why: it gives them an opportunity to view, delete, and add files before extracting them which gives a huge advantage and saves time.

Here you’ll learn how to zip and unzip your files with the simplest solutions using Archive Utility and also overview other more advanced ways to do it.

Archive Utility

The original tool for zipping and unzipping files on Mac OS is called Archive Utility. It’s really easy to use and works perfectly for basic needs. In order to use it, you can find this app by going to Applications and then choosing the Utility folder.

It’s more than enough for casual use if you need to extract or compress some files only a few times per month. Let’s say you use it to exchange photos of someone’s birthday party with your friends. It’s easier to share and send your files this way because they are getting compressed. Most email boxes won’t even send out your email if the attachment is too big.

Zipping Single Files

To zip single files or folders with the Archive Utility, there are only a few steps you need to do. First of all, choose the files you want to zip, select them, and right-click them. After you’ve done that, pick the “Compress” option that will appear in the white window. The progress bar will let you follow the time that the compression will take. After the compression is over, you shall find both the primary file and the compressed one in the same folder.

Zipping Multiple Files

Zipping multiple files and folders is actually very similar to compressing single ones. The main difference that appears is the name of the files. After you open a folder with the files that you want to zip and select these items, right-click them and select the “Compress” option as previously. This time this option will have an additional number next to it which means the number of files that you are about to compress. After zipping, you’ll find the compressed items under the name “Archive.zip”.

Unzipping The Files

Unzipping files with the Mac Archive Utility is easier than you could have imagined. Simply double-click the file you want to unzip and decompress it to the same folder. Unfortunately, it is not possible to view any files before unzipping them with this tool.


BetterZip is a third-party tool for easier decompression of zipped files. The main difference is that it comes with additional features. Of course, you can still quickly zip and unzip files that you want, but in addition, you can leave comments next to specific files. This will help you communicate with your team members or clients faster.


Zip Files On Your Mac-Keka

 Keka is another single-window archiving utility app with additional features. Surely it will do for the simplest tasks like the native Mac Archive Utility but there’s just so much more to it. The best thing about this third-party app is that it’s completely free yet way more advanced. It supports the automatic file splitting. This allows you to keep the file sizes manageable.


Zip Files On Your Mac-serapp

Another way to open zip files on mac is to use the Setapp.It  that allows you to use and browse so many apps at once for a very small fee. It’s a special service that will unlock so many paths to a better productivity, including zipping and unzipping files faster and easier.

In order to find some additional apps that could be useful for your work or hobbies, go on and browse various categories. With this awesome tool, you’ll find apps for lifestyle, creativity, developer tools, productivity, Mac hacks, and even more. And if you work from home as a freelancer, here are some additional products that will make you even more productive than before.

Speaking about productivity, files, and data on your computer, you should always make sure your data is safe. And in case it gets lost, you know easy and fast ways to recover the data that has been lost.