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Splash Drone 3 : A Fully Waterproof Drone Designed by SwellPro

Splash Drone 3 - A Fully Waterproof Drone Designed by SwellPro

Recently in 2015, There were a Company Swellpro which designed a Drone which was Waterproof Quadcopter, with the Capability of Landing in Water. Now the Company Again come Back with another Splash Drone 3. It is a Waterproof Drone, that can float on water. This got a flight controller, A Camera and the Propulsion system that makes this drone different from Others.

This Drone has hit hard to Kickstarter for funding on its production. The Ariel Filming Capability of Splash Drone 3 Auto got a Fully Waterproof 4K Camera with 2 Axis Gimbal integration. It is rated as IP67 Waterproof that means it is ready to shoot Underwater As Well.

Waterproof Camera that can see Under Water
Waterproof Camera that can see Under Water

Its camera has driven by 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor, with an ISO Range of 100-1600. The field of view of its lens’ is 106-Degree with Max Aperture of f/2.0.

Its High-resolution camera allows seeing the exact location, Where the Payload is being dropped.

It’s Optimised Redundancies will increase Inflight Safety and Reliability and Improved Firmware and Software regularly check for System errors and Offer Backup; This will increase it’s Flight Safety and Stability.

It uses more than 24 GPS and Glonass by its DUAL MODE GPS which increases its Accuracy, and GPS Shielding ensures it’s Accuracy in Every Environment. Doesn’t matter you are a professional or a Beginner, Splash Drone 3 Auto is safe and Easy for everyone.

Some of the features, You can Access by Smartphone App

  • It will Follow you with the Speed of 35MPH, and You’ll also have a Camera Control.
  • By Using Mobile App, You can Pinpoint a specific location on the map and then it will automatically fly to their by a predetermined flying Path.
  • You have to point a location, and The Drone will fly to their and then hover at that particular Location.
  • You just have to flip the RTH switch and the Drone will automatically to the place from where he has taken off and Land Smoothly.
  • Suppose if the Battery of Your Drone gets low, then the drone will Automatically and Smoothly Land to the Position he was flying at that time.
  • It’s Remote Vibrates when the Battery Levels are low.

As Everyone knows that Great Power and Versatility requires a Great control. They Have redesigned their Remote control with a 5-inch Video Monitor that can provide you with a high-resolution video on your Hands. 😉 The Monitor has a 5.8 GHz, 40 Channel Video Reciever.

There is two edition( Auto and Fisherman) of Splash Drone 3 is going to avail soon, the funding was started for its production. The Starting price of this drone is $1149, And It’s promised to ship in August. You can pre-order it on Kickstart. The maximum flight time of this Drone is 16 Minute, But you don’t have to worry for that as we explained earlier that It indicates battery low with Vibration on it’s Remote.

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