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Stark Smart Watch: $50 Hybrid Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker

Stark Smart Watch Review: $50 Hybrid Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker

Smart Watches with fitness and activity tracking features can be really useful for people who are fitness and more. However, the main reason for people not being interested in buying such fitness and activity tracking Smartwatches is that almost all such products available out there are quite expensive. Today we are having the new awesome looking Stark Smart Watch!

This won’t be the case anymore, thanks to Mr. Luke Hallowell who came up with an idea of an affordable Smartwatch that is simple and at the same time has all the awesome Smartwatch and fitness tracking features.


Luke has already begun a crowdsourcing campaign for his Smartwatch concept named “Stark” on Kickstarter seeking a fund of $20,000. The Stark Smartwatch has got an overwhelming response and has so far received $90,000 in funding from 1400 people and still has 25 days for the campaign to end.

The Stark Smart Watch is a 2-dial analog Smartwatch and uses two different battery modules, one for tracking the movement and the other for the Smartwatch functionalities. The watch will also glow on dark hands making it quite readable in almost every scenario.

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According to Luke, if the campaign reached $20,000 then a single color variant for the Stark Smartwatch would be launched. If $25,000 was collected there would be two different color variants and in case the campaign crossed $50,000 mark, eight color variants of the Stark Smartwatch would be launched.

Stark Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker Features:

Stark Smart Watch

Below are the list of the Stark Smartwatch and Activity Tracker:

  • The Stark Smartwatch will support both Android and iOS operating systems.
  • The Stark Smartwatch can track your steps, calories burnt during workouts and also your sleep schedules and patterns as well.
  • Inbuilt GPS sensor can record your travel routes, the speed of travel and travel time as well.
  • You can also set reminders, alarms on your Stark Smartwatch.
  • You will also get messages and call notifications on the Stark Smartwatch.
  • The Stark Smartwatch can let you remotely take photos from your Smartwatch by shaking the Smartwatch.
  • The Stark Smartwatch also integrates with the Apple Health App for iOS device users out there.

Stark Smartwatch, Activity and Fitness Tracker Review:


The Stark Smartwatch band is made of thermoplastic based polyurethane and different options for the Smartwatch band such as leather and stainless steel will also be available.

Stark Smart Watch

The Stark Smartwatch is also water resistant and can be submerged up to 30 meters till a maximum pressure of 3ATM.

The Stark Smartwatch will begin shipping from July of this year and will be priced at just $50 making it one of the cheapest available hybrid Smartwatch and activity tracker in the market currently.

Stark Smart Watch

The Stark Smart Watch and Activity Tracker is really worth the money you spend buying it as no other Smartwatch currently has complete compatibility with both iOS and Android operating systems. Moreover, the Stark Smartwatch also utilizes the software resources on both Android and iOS platforms with the Apple Health App respectively, thus giving you the best functionality no matter which operating system or which Smartphone you use. Sooner we can expect it on Google Fit too!

Final Words:

The Stark Smart Watch is still a Kickstarter campaign. By the number of backers, it is pretty much sure that this will indeed become the next big thing in the Smartwatch market soon.

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