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StarSailor LiveSky Ambient Projector Review

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Ever wanted to lay down gazing at the bright night sky with all the twinkling stars? Or maybe witness the Aurora Borealis? Well, you may now be able to witness those beautiful night scenes within the comfort of your bedroom, thanks to the StarSailor LiveSky Ambient Projector. It, not a Stark Smartwatch, rather it different other normal gadgets!

StarSailor LiveSky Ambient Projector Review:


The StarSailor LiveSky Ambient Projector is the latest projector offering that is developed by Night & Magic with Arrow certification as well. Apart from creating a real-looking night sky ambiance to provide you with well-relaxed sleep at nights, the projector can also produce sound effects that mimic rains, wind, ocean or even your favorite music. The main convenience of the StarSailor ambient sleep projector from Night & Magic is that all of its awesome features can be easily controlled by a Smartphone.

According to Mr. Brian McClung, the lead developer at Night & Magic, the StarSailor ambient nighttime projector is the next generation innovation in home entertainment that makes use of the latest experiential technology.

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The StarSailor nighttime ambient projector is mainly aimed at providing a very relaxed sleep for the users by providing them with the best nighttime ambiance possible.

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Not just that, the StarSailor can also me used to get a large view on the latest updates on social media or even to stream videos from any of your favorite streaming applications. The StarSailor ambient sleep projector is the most comfortable way to get yourself to sleep.

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No matter whether you just want your ceiling to be lit up or maybe just project a book you’re reading or a TV show that you are watching, the StarSailor sleep projector has got all your bedtime needs covered.

Moreover, when combined with the IFTTT (If This Then That) application for Android and iOS, the possibilities of the StarSailor projector is endless.

StarSailor LiveSky Ambient Projector Features:

If you would like to know more about the StarSailor LiveSky Ambient projector, then some of the technical specifications and features of the StarSailor LiveSky ambient sleep projector is listed below:

  • Sensors to control the Temperature and Humidity of your bedroom.
  • Applications compatible with both the Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Support for WIFI, Bluetooth, and even DLNA.
  • LED life of the projector is rated at 30,000 hours.
  • Smart Alarm feature.
  • Full-HD projector video output.
  • The StarSailor also has sensors to maintain the quality of air in the room.
  • Projector modes for nighttime include sleep mode, live concert mode, night lamp mode and star sailing mode.

How to Buy StarSailor LiveSky Ambient Projector?

The StarSailor LiveSky ambient projector is currently listed on Indiegogo.com for a target of $80,000. The project has so far raised over 60% of its asking amount from over 250 backers.

The final retail price of the StarSailor LiveSky Ambient Projector will be $599. However, if you back the project on Indiegogo, you can get the projector at a discounted price of just $219.

Visit the official website to know more about StarSailor!

Final Words:

The StarSailor LiveSky Ambient projector is the latest and the most innovative technology out there. This product is apt for people who needs to feel relaxed before dozing off after a really stressful and tiring day.

The ambient night sky mimicking feature of the projector along with its other features makes it one of the best tech innovations of 2017.


  1. I love this product but it’s suspect –
    1. According to the inventors, there is only one working prototype and none of the videos (and these videos are highly over produced) show the projector working in real time. All the videos explain what you can do with it but none of them actually show a demonstration.

    2. You are unable to contact anyone who works on the campaign unless you have already contributed.

    3. All their youtube videos have their comments section disabled, again, making those interested unable to ask questions and dig deeper into the product. Numerous other campaigns answer people’s questions through the comments section. Hence, why I a commenting here.

    • We shared your questions to StarSailor team via their Facebook page. And here I got this reply!

      “There’s only one working prototype.You’re able to reach us via our contact @starsailorlive.com address or here as you see(thanks for the message btw).Comments section is disabled on YouTube as we may not able to answer or reply all comments.To get rid of your suspects,I strongly recommend buying the product!”

      Hope this help you! If you need more details, just shoot a message through their facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/starsailorlive/.

      Thanks! Stay tuned 😉

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