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How to Flash Any Vivo Smartphone using QComDloader

How to Flash Any Vivo Smartphone using QComDloader

Vivo has a range of mid to high-end Android smartphones in its arsenal. They are mostly left out without major updates from the manufacturer. However, there are still a stock ROMs available for Vivo smartphones. There is a special tool for flashing those ROMs easily on Vivo phones that are running Qualcomm chipset and it is QComDloader. Here, we will show you how to flash any Vivo smartphone using QComDloader.

What is QComDloader?

QComDloader is a simple but effective tool for Qualcomm-based smartphones that aids firmware flashing needs. We will describe all the steps involved in using this tool to perform flashing on your Vivo smartphone, any Vivo phone!

Now, without any wait, let us dive into our guide to flash any Vivo smartphone using QComDloader.


Keep in mind that the procedure is somewhat risky. So do it at your own risk even if you are following our guide. We at Techora are not responsible for any damage that might happen to your device in this process. This guide is written carefully detailing all necessary steps and by following it you agree that you understand these risks.


  • Make sure you have at least 50% charge level to prevent midway shutdown during the process.
  • This procedure works only on specified Vivo smartphones. Do not attempt to carry this out on other phones.
  • Your data in the phone will be wiped. So make sure you take a backup before updating.
  • You will, of course, need a PC or laptop for this process.
  • QComDloader and Qualcomm drivers on your PC.


QComDloader – Link

How to Flash any Vivo Smartphone using QComDloader

Now that you are prepared and have downloaded the tool, you can just proceed by following the steps below.

  • Extract the downloaded zip file and go to usb-driver folder. You will find the Qualcomm USB drivers here, install them (Ignore if already installed).
  • After the installation, you can connect your smartphone to your computer with the USB cable.
  • Now, open the QComDloader.exe program in the main folder. You will see the interface of the program like in the image below.

Flash any Vivo Smartphone

  • To select a firmware file, press Load button you find there and select the file you desire.
  • Press Settings button and set the Download mode as Upgrade.In settings, check Validate Downloaded ROM.
  • Leave all the other options (eMMC Programmer, Raw program, Patch0 Box) there as it is. You need to change them only if the name of your file is not as same as what is in the box.

  • To be more specific, among the files Qualcomm firmware files you have downloaded, if the file name of eMMC is different, write that different name on the eMMC box.
  • Under the chipset ID box, write the chipset ID number. Now exit the settings interface by pressing OK.
  • Press Start to begin flashing process now.
  • Once the process is complete, a green message pops up and that’s it!

Hope you enjoyed and found this guide useful. Share it with your friends if you think they will find this useful too. You can drop any questions you have in the comment section below.