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Some Proven Tactics to ‘Supercharge’ your Instagram Followers

Some Proven Tactics to Supercharge your Instagram Followers

This post takes you through with Some Proven tips to increase or ‘Supercharge’ your Instagram Followers in real quick time. If you are new Instagram and want to get more Instagram Followers, then this post might you a glance about the gaining more followers in short time.Upleap.com

Everybody knows what Instagram is, and everyone is on Instagram on an active basis. It’s very rare and uncommon to find someone who isn’t, and would feel awkward to say it out so. Such is the trend of Instagram in the Social Networking world. Back in the days where Facebook used to dominate, now is the time where Instagram has taken over the hype and has admittedly surpassed Facebook’s trend all over the globe.

Instagram functions with the same concept as that of Facebook, with simple methods to upload photos, stories and viewing them. But beneath its simplicity and user-friendly interface, there lies something that amasses billions of people to stay virtually attracted and connected towards each other at the same time.

Mostly, people are inclined to being active, mainly to garner Insta followers and brag about their popularity in it. This concept of having followers/following people is what has made Instagram take over Facebook in such a short period of time.

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram

It can be considered an actual crime to even pose this question to someone. There can’t be ANYONE, literally anyone who doesn’t know what Instagram is. Even though it was founded only recently, it reaches was such massive that even your grandmother might know what it is.This generation seems to be more addicted towards Instagram, than any generation ever was, towards any Social Networking site.

Some Proven Tactics to Supercharge your Instagram Followers

It is excessively used for uploading pictures, stories of what is happening in your day to day life, and also viewing others’ pictures and stories. It has also introduced a top-notch feature that just changed everyone’s view on Instagram altogether, which is the Direct Message feature. Upon introduction of this, the users can not only upload, view and like pictures, but can also express their thoughts and connect easily with others, and can also roast their friends’ uploads if they find it funny. This concept was only brought out after Facebook overtook Instagram. Although you can use Instagram both in

Upon introduction of this, the users can not only upload, view and like pictures, but can also express their thoughts and connect easily with others, and can also roast their friends’ uploads if they find it funny. This concept was only brought out after Facebook overtook Instagram. Although you can use Instagram both in the browser and mobile app, DM is available only in the mobile app.

Evolution of Instagram Over The Years

Though Instagram was introduced only in the recent years, it has evolved significantly over the course of time. Thanks to Facebook, which has genuinely done wonders adding excessive and wondrous features, upon taking over the social networking joint, thereby making it more addictive and fun!

The few most conspicuous changed upon the update is listed below:-

  • After Facebook took over, it allowed you to sync your Instagram account to your Facebook account, thereby allowing you to post photos and videos, not only in your Instagram account but simultaneously in your Facebook account also.
  • Next, comes the DM feature. The reason Facebook was one of the most popular social networking sites, was because it allowed freedom to its users to comment, share and also have private conversations, which Instagram lacked earlier. Upon the update, the DM added to the simplicity of Instagram and made it more fun making people flock to, here.
  • Next, comes the Story Though Snapchat was the first network to bring in this feature, Instagram made use of this to its full extent. This can be explained by the fact that Instagram had a GINORMOUS number of users compared to Snapchat.Users can even reply to their friends’ stories and gossip on that. Do check out some of the Snapchat Saver Apps 🙂
  • Only much recently, did Instagram introduce new filters and stickers for uploading both photos and stories, which makes your pictures look enchanting and awesome? Even a rookie person with a not-so-amicable skill can make it look like he’s a pro here.
  • Adding to all these is the Instagram icon change which was done after the Facebook- Instagram merger update. Some still debate that the old icon looked perfect, but many beg to differ; the new one is classy and cool!

Make Them Want to Follow You ‘Instagram Growth Tactics’

Not to mention, everyone’s goal in Instagram is to have a maximum number of followers to brag about their popularity among friends and their circle. Of course, to have many follow you, you have to be popular and not everybody is popular.

Some Proven Tactics to Supercharge your Instagram Followers

If you already have a large number of Instagram Followers, you are either

  • A celebrity with a verified Instagram account, and their fan pages people always want to keep track of what their favourite celebrities are doing and so follow them.
  • A mediocre guy who follows everybody and unfollow them once they start to follow them back.
  • A hilarious famous guy, who entertains people with silly and funny videos gaining people’s attention and thereby making him famous.

Some Quintessential Tips to Garner Fame

There are few direct apps and a few indirect apps that help you assess your followers and help you make a proper judgement about who all to follow and not.

Some Proven Tactics to Supercharge your Instagram Followers

The fore mentioned Indirect apps do the following:-

  • Provides you with a list of who you follow, but they don’t.
  • List of fake accounts to be aware of.
  • Accounts that are mutually followed i.e., when you follow them and they too follow you.
  • Help you know accounts that can be followed, just so that you can get a follow back.

And the aforementioned Direct Apps, similar to Hack Tool when it comes to hacking stuffs in games, helps magically to mount followers into following your account. There are many online generators which may give you the number of followers you desire by simply making random accounts to follow your account. This is the safest and the most secretive method, and is assuredly impossible to be found by anyone.

Quicks ways to supercharge your Instagram followers

  • Posting consistently and make your Instagram Followers wait for your new post can be a great job and it leads to more engagement too! We recommend posting at least once a day.
  • Do some experiments and learn how to use hashtags. Don’t forget these hashtags is just like a magnet that attracts a bunch of followers at once. Use Websta to find popular tags and trending topics on Instagram.
  • Before uploading your photos, do some cool tweaks. Add perfect filters and with some edits!
  • Update your Profile bio with some emojis.
  • You can even Host a photo contest and other giveaways too.
  • Give a Try to Instagram Live and start uploading short videos.
  • Follow others, like others post and they do the same to you!

This method is safe and secure. Though by this method, you might have to share your information with the public, there can’t be any discernible disadvantages other than that to this method. Now go out there and show that you can be popular without even being popular.

Whether these above mentioned tips are good to Get Instagram Followers? Which one do you prefer the best? Share your Instagram experiences below! Let us know if you have any other tips to gain more Instagram followers without any risk!