Home Gadgets The 5 Best Smart Home Devices Families Should Consider for 2020

The 5 Best Smart Home Devices Families Should Consider for 2020

The 5 Best Smart Home Devices Families Should Consider for 2020

If you enjoy being in control, the new trend of building smart homes and automating many tasks in the ordinary household is a movement you should join. Is this what your 2020 plans need?

Why is Smart Home Living so Popular?

You can use technology to improve security or enjoy your entertainment system even more than usual and do all of this with minimum effort.

Simply think of the impact of features such as appliances automatically switching to standby modes that ensure minimal power consumption. If you invest in home automation in South Africa there is a range of benefits for families:

  • You can enjoy luxurious living.
  • You’ll also save on energy in a country where utility costs are quite high.
  • There’s the added benefit that many smart devices help you limit your carbon footprint.

If you’re looking for a wise new year’s resolution for 2020, transforming your house into a smart home is the best option for both your family, your budget and the environment.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to purchase a new house! Simply look at the innovative smart home devices on our list below. Installing some of these will already make an immense difference in how you do life next year.

5 Innovative Smart Home Devices for 2020

Smart Home Devices Families Should Consider for 2020

Improve Your Security System

For many families in South Africa, safety is a major concern. Now you can rest a little easier at night or when you go on holiday: simply do security the smart way! You can install cameras that you can control remotely via your SmartPhone that will give you these options and benefits:

  • Firstly, when someone trespasses on your property, having recordings can help get criminals convicted.
  • Having more knowledge about what’s going on in your home gives you more control in the situation.
  • If motion detectors activate alarms, you can talk to trespassers via the system, whether you’re on site or not.
  • With LED lights activated you can see what’s going on in the house, so you’ll know when it’s time to call for assistance.

Feel more secure because knowledge empowers you to take action.

As a bonus, cameras act as a deterrent because many criminals want to avoid recordings of their crimes. They’re bound to move on to another property if they see the cameras around your property.

Android TV Box

A huge focus in smart living is to limit waste and you can do that while upgrading your entertainment experience. Your existing smart TV can give you access to mounds of programmes and streaming opportunities via the Google Play Store. That is a better alternative than buying big decoders that often need to be exchanged for new ones every few years, while the others become waste in landfills.

Smart Lighting

Imagine you leave your home early in the morning, for a weekend away. When you arrive at your destination you start wondering if you turned off the lights in the bedrooms, which would mean you’re using unnecessary electricity.

Smart home living solves this problem when you install smart lightbulbs. You can control them via an app on your phone and switch lights on and off remotely. As long as you have your mobile phone and internet access, you are in control.

These units don’t require any renovations—simply exchange current fittings for new ones. And thanks to tech advances they’re getting cheaper every year, so almost any homeowner can now afford smart home features.

Wearables for People and Their Pets

You’re probably used to people wearing watches or other wearables that track aspects of their health, such as heart rate. But why not extend the same courtesy to your pets? A pet is part of the family, right? When you stay informed of your elderly pets’ health problems, you’ll know when to take them to the vet, before they even have to suffer any pain or discomfort.

Thermostats the Smart Way

A challenge for many homeowners is to keep cool in the warm South African climate. A smart thermostat is the ideal answer because it will automatically maintain temperatures without you even pushing a button.

You also save electricity when you invest in an advanced unit that will automatically turn off if there’s no one using the room for a while. And why not purchase a voice activated one for the ultimate in luxury living?


What area of your life do you want to simplify for your family? Or perhaps you have more suggestions for other environmentally conscious homeowners? You can help homeowners and the environment by leaving your questions & advice in the comments section below.