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The Tilt Bluetooth Speaker can Wirelessly Charge your Phone


Bluetooth speakers are really functional helping you to have an enhanced audio experience no matter where you are. There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers out there that serve the same purpose of being a portable speaker that you can use whenever you want by pairing with a Bluetooth-enabled device. Here we got a brand new gadget called, Tilt Bluetooth Speaker.

However, now we have a unique kind of Bluetooth speaker named the “Tilt Speaker” designed by a Korean Designer named Kim Hyunsoec. What makes the Tilt speaker different from the rest of the Bluetooth speakers out there is that the Tilt speaker has Qi wireless charging technology inbuilt. Which means you can use the Tilt speaker to play audio and charge your Qi-enabled Smartphone as well.

Talking about the design of the Tilt speaker, the speaker has a dimension of 200mmx100mmx52mm and features an overall minimalistic design. The curved design of the Tilt speaker allows you to hear music and at the same time charge your Qi-enabled Smartphone wirelessly, hence the name.

tilt bluetooth speaker

Talking about the audio quality of the Tilt speaker, the curved design of the Tilt Bluetooth speaker not only allows you to charge your Qi-enabled Smartphone but also helps in amplifying the audio output from the speaker as well. So the Tilt Bluetooth Speaker must be able to provide an audio experience very similar to the other high-end Bluetooth speakers that are out there in the market currently.

The Tilt Bluetooth Speaker can Wirelessly Charge your Phone

Even though the Tilt Bluetooth Speaker is a concept design product, the concept is actually a very impressive one and we hope that the Tilt Bluetooth speaker gets funded and hit the market real soon.

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