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Top 10 Best Shooting Games 2017 for Android

Best Shooting Games 2017

Are you looking for the Best Shooting Games 2017 for Android to play right now? You came to the right place then. There are various types shooting games like first person shooting games, second person shooting games, etc.

First person shooting games are perfect for new gamers to get familiar with shooting games, while second person shooting games are best for experienced players instead of first person shooting games. You should play third person shooter gamer if you are an expert on shooting games. That’s enough. I don’t want to bother with the classification of shooting games. You’re here to read about the best shooting games for Android after all.

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I’ve compiled the best Android Shooting games to play right now after a thorough research. Let’s scroll down to know more about the best shooting games to play on Android. Let’s check out the Best Shooting Games 2017.

List of Best Shooting Games 2017

  • Max Payne Mobile
  • Call of Duty: Strike Team
  • Deer Hunter 2017
  • Fields of Battle
  • Into the Dead
  • Zombie Gunship
  • Contract Killer 2
  • Six Guns
  • Dead Effects
  • Blitz Brigade

10 Best Shooting Games for Android to Play in 2017

1. Max Payne Mobile

Max Payne Mobile

If you ever played the Max Payne series on the computer then, I am sure you know how much addictive it is, and till now this game holds the record of most played series. Its mobile version is also marvellous just like the PC version, and you should not complain about the graphics as it’s a mobile game, but they are delightful when you compare this to other free shooting games. So get ready to relive the fascinating experience on your Android smartphone.

Download: Max Payne Mobile on Play Store

2. Call Of Duty: Strike Team

Call of Duty: Strike Team

It is a pure delight for the Call Of Duty lovers. This game provides almost everything just like you expected from a COD game on Android smartphones. We all know how Call Of Duty dominated the game market over the years and everyone has played this once in their life. That’s why COD Strike Team is all set to give you same joy with exciting storylines. The graphics are good, numerous weapons and missions make this more unique.

Download: Call of Duty: Strike Team on Play Store

3. Deer Hunter 2017

Deer Hunter 2017

After looking at the name, I am sure you can imagine how the game will be. It is a hunting game specially crafted for those peoples who likes these types of android games so much.

Deer Hunter 2017 is the ideal solution you. In this game, you are first person shooter, and all you need to do is kill a group of animals. Unlike other hunting games, Deer Hunter 2017 offers the users a whole new level of astonishing graphics right on their Android screen, which is pretty amazing. Get Deer Hunter 2017 on Google Play Store now.

4. Fields Of Battle

Fields of Battle

If you played Battlefield on PC, then you should try Fields Of Battle on your phone. You will not be disappointed at all. FOB has bundled with every aspect that a first person shooting game must have, for example, good-quality visual, online multiplayer, and lots of new stuff. Plus, you can customise various options, and loads of missions are waiting to be unlocked. So, try it once, and don’t blame me if you get addicted to Fields Of Battle.

Download: Fields of Battle on Play Store 

5. Into The Dead

Into the Dead

Into The Dead is a perfect mixture of two externally famed genres, which are the first-person shooter and an endless runner. In this game, you need to slay the zombies down; you are playing as a character that had dodged the terrifying attack of the zombies and now had to run for his or her life by killing every zombie who comes on your path. And don’t forget to pick weapons like chainsaws, guns while sprinting.

Download: Into The Dead from Play Store now

6. Zombie Gunship:

Zombie Gunship Free

Zombie Gunship is little dissimilar from other zombie slaying games because in this game you are not playing on the ground, you are playing as a gunman on a helicopter. So, your primary job is to assassinate the enemies down from the sky. The bonus point of this game is, you observe some truly breath-taking graphics along with spectacular music. And make sure your aim at them correctly because if the survivors die then game over. That’s the reason to list this game in our Best Shooting Games 2017 List!

Download: Zombie Gunship 

7. Contract Killer 2


Contract Killer is loaded with two modes, first person sniper contracts in company with assault contracts. You are playing as Jack Griffin in the game, who is a badass contract killer. In short, we can say this game is just splendid; you will have to neutralise concealed bombs and discover different paths to reach your target, and also you must survive unexpected traps.

Download: Contract Killer 2 

8. Six Guns

Six-Guns Gang: Showdown

Are you among those who want to experience an old-school vintage style cowboy gun battle? Six Guns is ready to give you the joy. It has more than 40 missions, so I guess you won’t get bored that easily. You have to perform various tasks and challenges to win the game. It is one the best action/adventure and the superior graphical game you gave even seen.

While riding on your beautiful horse, you will need to beat down robbers, enemies and stop every possible crime. There are total eight different horses accessible, the more you will play the more eligible you will be to have them. Not only just horses, you can customise your character as Six Guns gives extensive range of clothes and 19 weapons are also eagerly waiting to be unleashed.

Download: Six Guns  

9. Dead Effect:

Dead Effect

Dead Effect is another zombie killing game for Android phones along with striking visuals and missions. The high-class graphics and super cool background music make this one very addictive for those who loves to slay zombies so much. However, we are slightly disappointed with the weapons limitation. But that’s not a primary concern. So if you not like the high zombie killing games then you should try Dead Effect once, I am sure it will not frustrate you. It’s one of the Best Shooting Games 2017.

Download: Dead Effect

10. Blitz Brigade:

Blitz Brigade: Online FPS Fun

Blitz Brigade is setting a whole new level of feel for every first person shooting game lover. It is the first game to introduce the online multiplayer first-person shooter in everyone’s Android smartphone. Who will win? Allies or rivals? Create your team and take to the ultimate FPS face-off Blitz Brigade. It offers five different groups, which are: Soldier, Medic, Sniper, Gunner, Stealth and also awards more than 100 unique weaponry.

Download: Blitz Brigade from  Play Store 

Hope you enjoyed this post on Best Shooting Games 2017. If you like, do share and comment your thoughts in comments below! Stay tuned for more!

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