Home Blogging Try admitad CPA Affiliate network and Win $30,000 Aliexpress Jackpot

Try admitad CPA Affiliate network and Win $30,000 Aliexpress Jackpot

Try admitad CPA Affiliate network and Win $30,000 Aliexpress Jackpot

Affiliate marketing is where you refer an online product to someone and if that person buys the product on the basis of your recommendation, you inherit a commission. It is one of the oldest forms of marketing. Many online services usually offer an affiliate program who markets product like shoes and other varied services. CPA or Cost-Per-Action is a way that the advertiser pays for a specific purchase like a request, newsletter signup, etc.

Affiliate marketing laps over with other internet marketing methods because affiliation often uses regular methods of advertising like organic search engine optimization, content marketing, etc. Besides, affiliation sometimes use techniques like published reviews of products or other services provided by the company.

admitad is a worldwide network of Cost-Per-Action affiliate programs with the reliable sources of sales and publishers to monetize traffic. With their new business models, their main focus is on the innovation and the crave to deliver a clear ROI for every client. It is currently dealing with over 1300 widely recognized international brands and more than 540,000 publishers.

Being a Germany-based network, it was launched in 2010 and with its headquarters in Heilbronn, they already boast seven offices across the globe with the ideas to open one in Poland and another one in China by the end of the year.

admitad CPA Affiliate Network has availed its global scale to protect their privileged partnerships worldwide with the internationally known brands. They have propelled it to six consecutive periods of year-over-year revenue growth, exceeding 100%.

They have collaboration with companies like Aliexpress, Citibank, eBay, Nike, Adidas and others. The strongest GEOs by volume of admitad include USA, Russia, the UK, and India.

Why join admitad?

Below contains a brief outline about the admitad benefits that one may take an advantage of when you sign up with admitad CPA Affiliate Network:

An in-house platform

Banding together the advertisers and publishers on a single platform, admitad provides an entry to the global market that increases and protects their dividends. It also helps them to optimize their strategies of marketing with the help of tools. It assures a clear system of analytics and anti-fraud for both features.

Easy to Use Interface

Try admitad CPA Affiliate network and Win $30,000 Aliexpress Jackpot

The process of signing up is direct and the options that are important are arranged to pick manner easily on the navigation bar. It doesn’t intimidate with multitudes of huge terms and features or arranged in a clumsy manner.

Covers Many Topics

The admitad CPA Affiliate network has arranged into various categories for different products and services to provide the most matching advertisements on the website. Some of the categories that have regular campaigns are:

  • E-commerce
  • Mobile
  • Online games
  • Online Services – Finance, Food delivery, Coupon Services, Travel, etc.

Weekly Payments with Multiple Modes

admitad follows a weekly pattern of money payment schedule other than most networks. Through this network, a variety of payment methods can be opted like Paypal, e-payments or wire transfers in all major currencies.

Personalized full service network

  • admitad provides a full service i.e. without any extra costs and spending as each client is assigned to an individual account manager.
  • To optimize the campaign, get a support in your particular native language. It also includes publisher expansion and manual vetting.

Try admitad CPA Affiliate network and Win $30,000 Aliexpress Jackpot

  • After the signup, one gets a very own personal mentor with the knowledge of each niche, converting traffic, setting up the high ranking sites and most of all, making money.
  • Get replies and raise tickets with necessary solutions you want within a flash of a second.
  • When you get started, the team of internet marketing professionals will talk to you through some common perils to discuss your strengths and weaknesses and will recommend how to get started with little or no investment needed.

Detailed and transparent reports

This type of marketing is basically driven by statistics. This is the reason why the reports are clear and comprehensive. Our network provides a huge range of data in a logical and useful form. To collect even more minute statistics, they have added the feature of SubID. With this, the links can be easily tracked to analyse the impressions, clicks and actions with amazing details. All the reports can be exported for use with external software, including Excel. One can also feed this data to the system via the admitad API or the Postback URL tool.

A huge number of successful tools

admitad CPA Affiliate network believes that they provide the tools for success. With the help of publishers and advertiser tools, it increases conversions and program performance. They have got everything like dashboards, charts, graphs, even metrics. With an ease to use interface, the main technical advantages for publishers and advertisers is the use of innovative tools like fingerprint tracking, cross-device tracking, anti-fraud technologies, advertiser toolbox etc.

The admitad Store contains apps that are created by us as well as third-party developers and other solutions to help users fine-tune advertising and increase profits. And here’s an important thing, nobody has to share their login and the password. Our Guest accounts for admitad publishers provide with flexible access settings that can be changed at any time.

Try admitad CPA Affiliate network and Win $30,000 Aliexpress Jackpot

The Aliexpress Hot Summer Rally which started on June 15, 2017 to September 15, 2017 is a way for publishers and everyone who wants to join admitad. This provides a great chance to earn the Jackpot of $30000! This time, it has been divided into three stages of races, each one is for one month. Join the Hot Rally from Aliexpress to enjoy exclusive deals and get higher rates in a win-win competition.


Affiliate marketing becomes a great source of income for publishers who want to make some good cash. But selecting the right and a trusted affiliate network is much tricky these days. Publisher mainly complains that their income was discarded by the affiliate network people without giving a legit reason. You start concluding them as fake and fraud. So, here you can join admitad as they seem a good network for publishers that pays every week.

Apart from that, for advertisers, they have excellent solutions that give transparent reporting and personal mentor to analyse your whole campaign for better ROI. Most important the extraordinary support in your native language, it means either you are comfortable in English or wish to take help in your regional language, admitad support team helps you at their best.

Let us know what you think about the admitad CPA Affiliate network in comment section!