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What is Dark Web and How To Access The Dark Web?


Dark Web! The word might sound unfamiliar and seems to bounce off above your head but trust me it’s one of the most interesting concepts you could have ever come across. No doubt, most of us spend our entire day in browsing the Internet but have you ever thought about the actual reality of Internet?Is there any transparency?

Well unfortunately NO! According to a recent study, only 4% of the internet is visible to the general public and rest 96% is made up of the “The Deep Web”. You might go in shock after reading this but this is the truth and that is where DARK WEB comes into existence.

This guide post takes you through What is Darknet or Deepnet? How to Access & Precautions! And we always recommend Try Not to Access the Darkweb. Just for informative purpose, we are sharing!

What is the Dark Web?

The “Dark Web “is one hidden part of the world wide web that requires special software to access. It’s where criminals sell illegal drugs, launder money and commit other cybercrimes. It’s a place where your accounts are hacked; hackers buy your stolen credit card credentials and IDs.

In simple words, it’s that part of Internet which is denied of public access. And here we thought The INTERNET is all PUBLIC!! STRANGE!! You can get more information about the origin of Dark Web from Wikipedia.

Dark Web

But once inside, then you can easily access websites and other resources same as the normal web. However, some of the sites are so hidden that they have not been indexed by a search engine and there exist some hidden markets known as “Darknet markets“ which mainly sell illegal drugs and firearms. These markets have their turnover of almost billion dollars yearly. These websites are mainly found with a .onion domain.

Dark web is a part of DEEP web which is just that those pages aren’t registered with Google and hence from the deep web. However, there is nothing inherently erroneous about the dark web. It’s just something hidden from the world and confidential.

Check out the below image that will explain the difference between dark web and deep web. Hope it helps you a lot!

Source: digitypes.dk

It has both pros and cons of its own as dark web involves encryption. Encryption, when used for good, protects your location and password and keeps privacy. When used for bad, it can prevent police and other government bodies from spying illegal online activities and such as child pornography, prostitution and more.

Try to watch Hacker (2016) a movie about the Dark Web and trading happens on Silk Road and more about it. There are many documentary movies out there about Dark Web. Go, Google it and start watching! These movies show how the dark web works real world!


You can access the dark web in case if you ever want to see your stolen items being sold if you ever want to refrain your kids or siblings from any irrelevant sites or for protecting your online bank account.

Now, the major question that arises is – How can one prevail dark web? Or HOW CAN YOU ACCESS DARK WEB?

The answer is simple – effective use of Tor, Free net and I2P. Among these, Tor is extensively used because it is one of the easiest software packages to use. Almost all sites on the so-called dark web hide their identity using the Tor encryption tool.  You can use Tor to spoof your location as if you are in another country and hiding your true identity. It provides secrecy and anonymity by passing messages through a network of connected Tor relays. It is the most widely used dark web browser.

Thus, sites on the dark web can be visited by anyone without knowing the real identity.

Also, not all websites use Tor. Some use I2P, for example, the Silk Road Reloaded. The procedure remains the same. The visitor has to use the same encryption tool in order to type the URL.

Steps to Access Dark Web from Home

What is Dark Web and How to Access it?

STEP 1: The first step to easily get access to Dark web is getting you a good VPN (Virtual Private Network). To know what is VPN, just Google it 😛 Make sure to take good care of your anonymity and security, especially if you are viewing any Darknet markets. By using VPN all of your internet usages will be encrypted.

STEP 2: Make sure to use a good VPN that keeps no LOGS, have fast performance, preferably accepts bitcoin as payment, and is compatible with TOR.

STEP 3:  Now as you are not just browsing normally, so NORMAL browser won’t do any good. Chrome and other browsers are a big NO to access the Dark web. You need to get Dark web browser called TOR which is to be downloaded from official TOR website only.

STEP 4: Close all of your browsing windows and apps connecting to the internet like Google Drive, Skype, One drive, icloud.

STEP 5: Open your VPN app and connect to another location and use the OpenVPN protocol.

STEP 6: After downloading the TOR browser, install the TOR and extract it any location you want and then START the browser. The TOR start page will open and you are able to gain access to .onion websites.

After successfully accessing the dark web, you can easily access the Dark Web markets as per your choice. But you need to be more careful on this!

You may have heard a lot about the so-called Deep Web and Dark Web. But are few things you should do every time while accessing Dark WebWhile accessing Dark web looks much easy but there are certain points that you need to remember while doing such daring task.

Security Precautions you should take While Accessing The Dark Web

  • DO NOT change the TOR window size. The FEDS have programs that can match many things and you can be in acute problem.
  • TOR is not 100% anonymous. Well, no browser shows 100 % anonymity as some things or the other remains unsecured. So, make sure to turn off the JavaScript.
  • Disconnect your webcam or block the camera. Government and other authorities can blackmail with your intimate pictures and other stuff which can definitely put you into trouble.
  • NEVER use your real name, phone number, email or even password that you have used before. This is the fastest way of being tracked so make it a point to use fake emails and aliases that have nothing to do with you that you have never used before.
  • Disconnect your microphone. It applies the same analogy with that of the camera. Anything that you say at home can be recorded and you could be in trouble in no time.

Quick Tips while Tor Browser

  • Always Get Started with Tor Browser if you are about to access the Darkweb. Its available for all platforms and for free of cost.

What is Dark Web and How to Access it?

  • Use Directories to Browse Safely and don’t use your real name anywhere.
  • Don’t Click any Suspicious Links or Partake in any unknown Criminal Activity. This will lead you to big problems!
Again, browse at your own risk. The Dark Web is not illegal in most countries and merely accessing it won’t land you in jail. But once you start accessing, you can’t come out of it! Don’t gather knowledge about it and we don’t recommend trying it! 


Reading through all this above I’m pretty sure you all can relate with Dark web, its methodology and user guide access. And in case if your mind has gone bonkers knowing this evil stuff, then you are probably new to this and need a bit of information and knowledge to get you up to speed. But surely maintain the caution from this Dark Web trap.


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