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Use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business central is a package deal of business management solution which is simple to adapt and use, aiding you in connecting your business and making smarter and wiser decisions. Business central gets the full power of the Dynamics NAV to cloud with a shared code- base which makes passaging to the cloud logical and smoothly continuous from the legacy ERP systems and entry- level accounting software.


A comprehensive, single solution for managing business operations and finances, Business central is appropriate for business of all sizes, from start- ups to even large organizations. With a friendly MS office feel and look, users can instantly make the most out of full integration with the Office 365 and the other MS cloud services which include Power BI for increasing productivity.

True to type with Dynamics NAV, business central includes: Purchasing, financials, operations, inventory, projects and warehousing. Instantly extend Business central by inculcating capabilities with the help of pre- built apps or by applying customizations, thanks to its responsive platform.

Use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Managing Financials

·       Make Cognizant Decisions

Link the data across sales, accounting, inventory, purchasing and customer interactions for getting an end to end view of the business. You can chart the financial performance in real time with the built- in Power BI dashboards.

·       Accelerate reporting and financial closing

Assign and conduct the accounts payables/receivables and automatically appease accounts for closing and reporting on the financials accurately and quickly, at the same time maintaining compliance.

·       Enhance the accuracy of forecast

Clarify financial forecasts by analyzing and modeling data across a number of dimensions. Customize the reports with the help of seamless MS Excel integration.

Dehumanize and secure your Supply chain

1.      Revamp the inventory levels

Use the built- in intelligence for predicting what and when to replenish. Buy only what is needed with dynamically updated inventory – levels.

2.      Cut down the shortages.

Retain the correct amount of inventory by automatically calculating the lead times, stock levels, and reordering points. Advice substitutes when requested items are not in stock anymore.

3.      Maximize the profitability

Get approvals and references on when to pay the vendors for using vendor discounts or avoiding overdue penalties. Avoid fraudulent or unnecessary buying by approval workflows.

Refine Operations

Administer forecasting for fulfillment

Use expected stock-outs and sales forecasts for automatically generating production plans and creating purchase orders.

Run your warehousing in an efficient manner

Get a comprehensive view of the inventory for effective order fulfillment. Track all the item transaction and the movement by setting up the bins as per the dimensions of the storage unit and the layout of the warehouse.

Reach the gilt-edge output levels

Optimize and calculate the manufacturing resources and capacity for improving the production schedules and meeting the demands of the customer.

Take this next step for your profession and career. Dynamics 365 Business Central is implemented and sold by a global network of Dynamic 365 Partners with the industry expertise. Link with a partner for requesting a demo and further evaluating the solution-pricing and capabilities.

Pricing of MS Dynamics 356 Business central fits the requirements of Midsize and small businesses with the core business needs. It aids the organizations in connecting their sales, financials, operations and service. For any size or organizations which have more sophisticated requirements, Dynamics 365 gives an array of apps including service, marketing, finance, sales, talent and operations.

The important license includes:

  • Purchasing
  • Invoice
  • Opportunity management
  • Finance
  • Budget
  • Fixed assets
  • Resource management
  • Purchasing order mngm
  • Workflow
  • Simple inventory
  • Contact management
  • Advanced sales (So)
  • Distribution
  • Advanced inventory (stock)

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