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8 Benefits of Using Free Public DNS Servers

8 Benefits of Using Free Public DNS Servers

Here in this article, we list some of the top 8 Benefits of Using Free Public DNS Servers. If you are still confused about using Free Public DNS Servers, then this post might help you a bit.

Sometimes while you are browsing on the internet, some web pages fail to load or load too slow. It may be the internet connection problem or it may be your DNS server problem! If you are wondering what a DNS server is?  DNS or Domain Name System is like a phonebook in our mobiles, which contains the IP addresses of the websites and their respective hostnames. This server acts as a medium in translating the name of a website in the English language to its respective IP address, which will generally be in numbers, as computers and network devices, understand it.

By default, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) runs its DNS servers, which contains most websites’ IP addresses. But if you search for a complexly designed website, your DNS server might need to look number of times to make sure you reach the correct website. In the process of doing so, your ISP provided DNS server may not work properly. But fear not! In those circumstances, the public and free DNS servers can come to your aid.

 8 Benefits of Using Free Public DNS Servers
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Free Public DNS Servers like Google DNS server, DNS.WATCH and OpenDNS are trustable and better. Along with that, these servers come boast more benefits than a regular ISP provided DNS server. I have listed some benefits offered by the free DNS servers below.

Free DNS Servers are faster

The advantage with a public DNS server is, it is broad, it contains more data. Free DNS servers like Google searches and stores all possible information about a key word for future use. Because of this, these servers provide the information faster as that information is probably stored in a cache. But you should understand that this happens to depend on the region you live. These servers store the information as per their geographical regions. So, you should choose a server near your region.

Free DNS servers are more reliable

Depending on the data stored in ISP’s DNS server, your browser may or may not load a website properly. This problem can be rectified using free DNS servers. Public DNS servers contain more or same data, depending on your DNS server, but never less. Hence, they are more reliable. Check out how to Fix DNS Probe Error is Google Chrome.

Free Public DNS Servers give better performance

With them being faster and reliable than the ISP’s servers, they reduce the down time and yield better results. So, they give a better performance compared to your DNS server.

Free DNS servers offer more security

Sometimes hackers plant malware in your DNS server and change the settings to reroute to another add filled or virus contained website. These public servers support Domain Name Security Extensions (DNSSEC), which checks whether a given DNS request is safe and secured. Many of ISP provided servers will not support DNSSEC, resulting in less security. These servers also provide security to prevent eavesdropping and tampering of the content.

Free DNS servers allow web filtering

Public DNS servers like OpenDNS allow you to block certain kinds of websites. If you configure the settings and blocked certain websites, they block this website on any device you use in your home. This configuring process is easy. When that website is searched, this server shows a different website with different IP address containing a message that the site is blocked. These can be useful in setting up parental controls on devices.

Free Public DNS Servers allow you to access blocked contents in different regions

Some websites only work in some areas. If you try to access a website from another geographical region, that site may not open as that may be blocked in your region. These free DNS servers allow you to access those sites. You can access them by setting your DNS server in “Unblock- (Country Name)” mode, which allows the content that is present specifically for that country. You can access these sites from any device in your home by just changing the settings on your router. Very convenient, isn’t it?!

Free DNS servers has more precision

Generally, the ISP provided DNS servers re directs to some other IPs if they cannot find the required information. These free DNS servers search and find the exact required information most of the times. They return with the best possible answers without re directing to other sites.

Free DNS servers allow you to access the websites blocked at DNS level

Consider this, a website you are looking for has been blocked on your ISP provided DNS server. You can access that website by easily changing the DNS server to a public one. In general, most of the sites are blocked by the service providers on a DNS level. However, this only works when the site is blocked on your DNS. If that site is blocked at an IP level, you cannot access that site using other DNS servers.

Check out the DNS explained video below,

Since you have read all the benefits in using free DNS servers to your ISP provided DNS servers, I say it is time for you to get the better browsing experience and service by changing your DNS servers!

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