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What is Blog or Weblog?


Before starting blogging, first you know What is a Blog or Weblog? and how to blog ? etc. You’ve heard many times on the internet the term “Blog” and you always want to know that what is meant by “Blog”. Well you will come to the right place. Here in this series, i’m sharing all the tips and knowledge from which you can easily understand what is a blog, and how to blog and how to start blogging.

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Blog is a resources of sharing your products or your thoughts to the world , over millions of readers and promote yourself or your business. Below are the some unique and dictionary based definitions which you can easily understand that what is meant by a Blog?

First Definition :

Blog is also short in Web log, a blog is a web page that can be used to serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically it will be updates on daily basis, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.

Second Definition :

A blog is a website consisting of the entries ( which are called Posts ) appearing in the reverse chronological order, with the most recent entries appearing at the top of the page.Blog typically includes some features like Comments, and links to increase the user interaction. Blogs are created using different some specific publishing software’s.

According to Wikipedia :

A blog is a discussion or informational site which is published on the WWW consisting of discrete posts / entries typically display in the reverse chronological order.

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Popular Terminology Used :

As you know that English language is the more advanced, so there for there many new words same like blog also developed and these are somehow become the part of this field. Here I’m sharing some terminologies which are used now a days.

Blog ( Noun ) – A journal or diary that is developed on the Internet / WWW.

Blogger ( Noun ) – A person who have a blog – Bloggers are revolutionizing in the way of news is shared in different and fast ways.

Blog ( Verb ) – To write a blog

Blogging ( Verb ) – The action of writing a blog by blogger. Blogging is way of sharing your thoughts with the world.

Blogosphere – A community where all bloggers can meet up and sharing their own ideas.

Originally , blogs were known the official word. These can be used by people for write about their daily activities. Their daily tasks, after that these can follow this technique, and now the world “Blogging” come into existence . Today people write about the more interesting topics, but we’ll start sometime later.

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Who Blogs?

The main question rise into your mind is that ” Who Blogs ?” .Who are these peoples who writing about their daily activities on daily basis on their blogs. These people are just like of you and no doubt you can also do that easily. Once you know how you can get this , then you can easily blogs, about any topic. The main question is that , why people do blogs ? which is the benefit they get and how much benefits they can get if they blogs more properly. Below is the simple and motivational answer especially for you, of why they blogs .

Why Do People Blogs ?

So you may be also asking me why anyone would want to have their own blog today. I’m believe that the answer lies in the fact that because every human has a voice and wishes in this own. The internet is the biggest medium of spreading your voice and thoughts all around the world easily and effectively.

Bloggers are those who writes blogs. Bloggers have the ability and opportunity of reaching hundreds or even thousands of people each and every day. So when they get more and more visitors / people, they can be earn money via blogs. I’m telling you later of how bloggers earn money via blogs. Here I’m just give you the overview of how they earn.

They can simply displaying some company / advertisers advertisements on their blogs, and then when anyone visit their blog or click on these banners, these gets paid. People are earning from $100 to $100,000 Dollars each and every month. I’m not kidding an example are problogger.net , mybloggertricks.com , mathewwoodward.co.uk etc.

With blogs, you can also make new friends of all around the world especially who are also in the BlogoSphere, and you get respect from these people eyes and getting good response. But this can only be get via some Patience and little Hard Work.

In my experience, the best and the huge advantages of blogs is that, you learn the more new things, because when you research on new topic and explore them, your grooming will make you more perfect and skilled person. With blogs, you can easily learn web designing, web developments, HTML, CSS, JavaScripts, XML etc. Now don’t waste your time and start blogs today.

Best of Luck All of You ! ! !