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Wii Peekaboo Pole Dancing Game

Nintendo DS / DSi

Nintendo’s Wii has been noted for wholesome family games and the entire design philosophy was one of getting video game players to exercise more. This strategy has been a success for Nintendo , but one developer aims to bring a new wholesome family activity to the Wii. The Peekaboo Pole Dancing company wants to bring the “wholesome” family activity of pole dancing to the Nintendo console.

Pole dancing, an activity long confined to adults only entertainment clubs, may seem a bit out of place for the more the family-focused Wii, but the president of the Peekaboo Pole Dancing states that the goal of this video game is increased fitness for men and women.

Non-Traditional Controllers

Peekaboo Pole Dancings upcoming release would not be the first video game to use a non-traditional controller, and Nintendo itself has employed a strategy of opening up its gaming markets to more gamers. This has been done through systems that use non-traditional platform such as the DS and the Wii that use a non-traditional controller. The unique controllers employed by current Nintendo systems allows for greater creativity on the part of video game designers.

If a pole dancing title is for the Wii becomes successful, the new video game would be a continuation of Nintendo’s strategy of targeting non-traditional gamer markets. The release of a title where players imitate an activity most commonly seen in adult entertainment venues might alienate social conservatives.

A little controversy might work well for the Wii’s upcoming pole dancing game, but it is hard to imagine a pole dancing game being a commercial success in the video game market, but it is possible that such a title may take off with couples looking to add a new spark to their relationship, according to Joystiq, an online gaming magazine.

Wholesome Family Entertainment

Parents who are concerned about what their children have access to may want to try the Mario Titles, Sonic the Hedgehog, or Professor Layton, but those who want to engage in a special video game after their children go to bed may want to bring out this new game and play the upcoming video game from Peekaboo Pole Dancing.

The company wholly fails if its intent is to produce a game the entire family can enjoy to encourage fitness, but there has been a small market for adult video games that Peekaboo Pole Dancing can tap into if it goes through with this release for the Nintendo Wii. The pole dancing game may target a niche market, but it will never be a true competitor for the Final Fantasy or Halo series.

What is the Nintendo DS / DSi?

Originally released in 2004 (with regards to the original Nintendo DS) and succeeded by the DS Lite model in 2006 and new DSi model in 2009, the Nintendo Dual Screen handheld console has by and large been a tour-de-force both with regards to market share as well as in terms of the size of the library.

Over 600 Games, Family Friendly Entertainment

The Nintendo DS boasts a staggeringly large library of over 600 titles – meaning as of the writing of this article these numbers have grown to well over 700 games. The variety of genres present on the DS is also quite impressive, ranging from children’s games such as the popular Imagine series to Mature rated horror games and shooters such as Dementium : The Ward or even Call of Duty.

First party titles, as always, are a huge standout with regards to the software library of the Nintendo DS . Animal Crossing, Mario Party, Mario Kart, Super Mario 64 DS, Super Princess Peach, New Super Mario Bros., Metroid Prime Hunters, Legend of Zelda : Phantom Hourglass, and Yoshi Touch & Go are all very popular first party titles that are very popular amongst children, teens, and adults alike.

The Difference Between the DS, DS Lite, and DSi Models

The original Nintendo DS is a much larger model than those that would follow it, and suffers from a somewhat shorter battery life than those models as well. It is however a very inexpensive option for those looking to test the waters with regards to the DS software library, and can be had for ~$60 second hand in most instances.

The DS Lite is the most common model on store shelves currently, and features a slimmer design and upgraded screen and directional pad (D – Pad). The DS lite features an LCD screen that can be set to four different light levels. The Nintendo DS Lite is also very popular for it’s attractive price point, both new and used, and the retention of the coveted GBA slot.

The DSi is the most recent addition to the Nintendo DS family, featuring a slew of new features such as a larger screen, even slimmer design, and two built in cameras that shoot at 0.3 megapixels (VGA). The Nintendo DSi has removed the GBA slot in exchange for a SD card slot for expandable memory capability, and also has the ability to download software from the DSi Shop Channel (very similar to the Wii Shop Channel).

Offered in a bright blue as well as black finish, the DSi is likely the final model to be released for the Nintendo Dual Screen this generation.

Great Games for the Nintendo DS / DSi

Aside from the aforementioned first party titles, several other game franchises have been extremely successful amongst both fans and critics on the Nintendo DS.

Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney is an anime inspired series that originated on the Game Boy Advance and found it’s way onto the DS. Featuring titular defense attorney Phoenix Wright, the player must investigate murders, cross examine witnesses delivering testimony, and present logic and evidence in order to shake the truth loose in extremely tense courtroom scenes. An intelligent and original franchise, Ace Attorney has also spawned a few new titles such as Apollo Justice (Phoenix Wright’s apprentice) and upcoming Miles Edgeworth : Investigations.

Fans of the Object Find games genre will do well to look into the DS as well, as there are a few great offerings in this vein that gamers shouldn’t pass up!

Mystery Case Files : MillionHeir is probably the most obvious choice, although I Spy Fun House and Dream Day Wedding Destination are also strong titles in the object fidn genre, popularized by Big Fish Games. For those seeking to add a flavour of mystery to their object find experience, Hotel Dusk : Room 215 is another critically acclaimed interactive mystery game that has done very well.

The Nintendo DS offers a solid line up of software titles for people from all walks of life; children, teens, adults, and seniors. Whether the basic model suits your needs for an inexpensive gaming console or the DSi strikes your fancy with all of the added features and larger screen – the majority of Nintendo DS games will play on any model and provide hours of fun and excitement!