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Difference Between WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org Infographic


WordPress is a world largest CMS (Content Management System) which allows user to create blogs, dynamic and static websites from their platforms. WordPress provides two platform for start blogging, first one is www.wordpress.com and the second one is www.wordpress.org . These both platforms are used for beginners to starting out their blogging career www.wordpress.com is a free platform where you can create your free blogs and websites using subdomain of yoursite.wordpress.com.

Difference Between WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org Infographic
But the self hosted www.wordpress.org is mostly used all around the world for web development. I’ll also recommend you to start your blogging career from this platform. Here i’m distinguish between these both platform via infographic , you can see the difference between these both platforms. This info-graphic is designed by www.wpbeginner.com. So i’ll also thanks to WPBeginner’s.

Difference Between WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org Infographic
So here, i’m share some benefits and pros and corns of these both platforms, you can see these points before starting on any platforms. If you don’t want to read the infographic¬†then here are some points so you are able to distinguish between these both.

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Pros and Cons of WordPress.com :

1 – You can create your free blogs here.
2 – It provides free custom domain e:g, yoursite.wordpress.com
3 – It provide 3GB free space for every new user.
4 – You can also update your membership with $19.95 per year for 5GB space and $289.97 per year
for 100Gb space.
5 – They can provide you free regular backups for your sites.
6 – In free version, they can delete your website anytime if you voilates their terms and conditions.
7 – In this version, you cannot use custom themes for your site.
8 – You cannot use the plugins in this platform. So that’s not good for any WordPress users.

Pros and Corns of WordPress.org :

1 – It is fully free and you can easily use this version of WordPress.
2 – You can easily used all plugins are upload custom plugins.
3 – You can create and upload your desired WordPress Themes. You can easily modify these
templates their styles and also much more.
4 – Customly Analytics and Tracking.
5 – You can create your Ads and make money online with that.
6 – You can fully control your database. Your data is always yours. Also get the backups for your site any time.
7 – You can easily upgrade your site any time.
8 – For SPAMs, you are always responsible for any prevention. But plugins are available to get rid of this problem.
So these are some important points about WordPress.com and WordPress.org, you can see these points are then decide which you want to use for your site.

Which one is good for you?

As you can always see on internet, millions of blogs and websites are created on WordPress platform. So if you want to use this for personal blog or site, and don’t care about making money from their sites, then go with WordPress.com .But if you want to become a professional blogger to make blogging as your career, then you can use self hosted WordPress.org. In this platform, you want a professional and well famous blog hosting, then i’ll recommended to you to get the HostGator Hosting For WordPress.
The interface of both platforms are similar mostly. Is one is easier to use then the other is also ?. I’m also provide many free tutorials of blogging, SEO and making money online blogging on my YouTube Channel, you can subscribe me on YouTube and watching hundreds of free online free tutorials to become a good and successful online entrepreneur.
I’m also always recommend to everyone to use WordPress.org, so with this option you can fully control your site. But the final choice is always yours ! ! ! I hope you like this infographic. If you liked it, make sure you share it into your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles or also any other sites that you like to share.