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12 Best WordPress Plugins To Speed Up Your Website / Blogs


WordPress is world largest CMS ( Content Management System ) which is used to create a blogs, dynamic and static websites. Here in this post, i’m not tell your of Why you need a faster WordPress website or blog, or not tell you how edit your WordPress theme coding, or edit PHP, Databases.

image : 12 best wordpress plugins to speed up your website or blogs
12 Best WordPress Plugins To Speed up Your Website

I’m not like to edit coding especially in WordPress system, because if you want to add something into your site, many popular plugins are available ,which you can use to get your work in an easy and efficient way.

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You can simply install these WordPress plugins and they all do this type of work for you ?

Here i’m share Top 12 WordPress Plugins. I’d also recommend you to speed up your WordPress Website or Blog with these plugins. These plugins are used for speed up your site with ease and efficiently.


12 Best WordPress Plugins to Speed Up Your Website or Blogs

1 – Google Webfont Optimizer


Best 7 Free Plugins To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Google Web-font Optimizer is a top class WordPress plugin which boosts up your site if it uses web fonts from Google Fonts API’s. This is the application of Google.

Almost all latest websites and blogs use Google Fonts APIs for their sites for a beautiful and smart awesome look, but this can slow down your page speed because when ever any page of your site loaded, browser needs to make a many requests to Google Fonts .


But with Google Web-font Optimizer plugin you can get rid of this problem. This plugins makes your blogs faster and awesome. When your page load, it can collects all your requests and combine into a single request for all the fonts.

You cannot use any of this function, simply install , activate and it does the rest for you in a better way. So with this plugin you can increase your site loading speed .

2 – Above The Fold Optimization


Best 7 Free Plugins To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Above the Fold Optimization is also very smart WordPress plugin which is also used for the betterment of their website speed.


It works on “Eliminating render-blocking Javascripts and CSS in the above-the-fold content” rule from Google Page-speed Insights. This plugin can enables the automated Critical Path CSS generation.

This plugin is simple and light-weight functionality. It can optionally optimize the full delivery of your full website CSS codes.

Above the Fold Optimization plugin can enables the localization of external Javascripts sources like Google Analytics and Facebook SDK to pass the “Leverage of Browser Caching” rule of Google Page-speed Insights.

3 – Disqus Conditional Load


Best 7 Free Plugins To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

DCL ( Disqus Conditional Load ) is a advanced features for the Disqus Commenting System if you add this into your WordPress site.

If Disqus working in your blogs, then mostly people can comments through this system, and if more people comments then your website performance can degraded. This best plugin which provides the “Power Option To Tweak Disqus” in some areas like Lazy Loading, Comments Gadgets / Widgets, Scripts Disables etc.

Don’t worry it is fully SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and User Friendly plugin. It can provides short codes, every custom type supports and also be instructed to set the comments width also counts scripts controlled. It has many other features like, jQuery is fully independent, it using only JavaScript.

Also support for all previous and existing comments.Threaded comments and replies system also include in this plugin. By email, all notifications and reply. Also subscribe and RSS Feeds options in it. Powerful admin panel and many other options can made it a very famous and powerful commenting system for bloggers.

4 – Compress PNG & JPEG Images


Best 7 Free Plugins To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Compress JPEG & PNG Images is also a very famous WordPress plugin which provide a very good service for your blogs and website to make your website more faster as compared to other.


It makes your site more faster by compressing the JPEG and all PNG Images. It is used a very powerful services to optimize your images which is called ” Lossless Image Compression Service” like ‘ TinyJPG’ and ‘TinyPNG’ which are automatically compress your images and make your blog or site more faster.

After compressing your images are look like for JPEG smaller by 45-60% format and for PNG 50-80% format. But the main feature of this service is it cannot loss any type of quality of your images. Your all images are in high quality after compressing.

This plugin has also many features like , when we upload new images, it can automatically compress these images. Also compressing your all images which are upload before. Re-sizing your image size as maximum width and height.

Also has a multi-site support with a single API key. The main benefits is it has no file size limits.So you can use this plugin as you want. It can increase your loading speed of your website.

5 – BJ Lazzy Load


Best 7 Free Plugins To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

BJ Lazzy Load also a very powerful and mast amazing WordPress plugin to increasing your website speed. It makes your blog faster by replacing the all your images, post thumbnails, and content i-frames with some placeholder.

It can only loaded the real and actual images when visitors scrolling your page. The result is that, your site more faster also with low bandwidth usage also very better user experience for all your traffic. This plugin is compatible with all your other plugins.

Non-JavaScripts visitors can only gets the original elements in no-scripts. You can also use this plugin with other image optimizing plugins like RICG Responsive Images plugin.

6 – WP Sweep


Best 7 Free Plugins To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

WP-Sweep is a best plugin for WordPress websites and blogs for improving website’s speed performance by simply cleaning and optimizing site databases.

Any website which is created by a lots of months or even years, hold an unwanted data like trashed posts, pages and many comments and also auto-drafts , deleted comments, Orphaned term meta, and user meta, unused terms, Duplicated post data, Transient options and oEmbed caches in post meta etc. So with this plugin you can remove and clean your database from these unwanted data.

7 – W3 Total Cache


Best 7 Free Plugins To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

W3 Total Cache plugin among the best and smart WordPress cache plugin which can you use to improve your overall site performance.

You can simply install it into your blogs or websites to speed up your blogs. It is fully and well developed plugin to improve user experience and site speed.

W3 Total Cache plugin improving the server performance, reducing the downloading times and providing transparent content delivery network CDN integration. This plugin can save upto 80% of your server bandwidth via minify and HTTP compression services.

This plugin has many features like , fully mobile support, caching out the minified and compressed pages and posts in a memory, caching CSS and JavaScript. Caching of databases objects in memory or on disk . Minification of pages and posts and as well feeds.

Non-blocking JavaScript embedding, and also many other . So use this plugin and let see out the overall result of your site.

8 – WP Optimize

image : wp optimize best plugins for speed up wordPRess site

WP Optimize is a free plugins that is used to extensively clean up your WordPress database and fully optimize it to increase your website speed.


It is very simple but effective and useful plugin for WordPress users. It can removed of stale post revision and trashed comments automatically.

It is fully mobile friendly that cleaning your database automatically. Always make a backup of your site whenever you install any new plugin.

9 – Imsanity

image : best wordpress plugin imsanity to resize images and speed up your website
You’re used images into your blog posts for making it more professional and awesome looking. By defaults images sizes are huge. Imsanity WP plugins used to resize these huge sized images automatically whenever you upload on server.
Imsanity also provide you the best bulk-sized feature to their users to selectively resize all the previous ones images , photos to free up some disk space.

10 – WP-DBManager

image : wp-dbmanager best wordpress plugin to speed up your website or blogs
WP-DBManager is a best WordPress plugin that manages your databases. This plugin allows you to automatically optimize your database, repairing it, backup of your database and if any mistake your database deleted then easily restore it.
You can also use this plugin for scheduling your database backing up into your hard drive. It also helps you to optimize your database and make your site more faster.

11 – P3 Profiler

image : P3 Profiler best wordpress plugins that helps you to speed up your website
P3 Profile provide to you the complete list about your installed plugins and other applications. When you install many plugins together, it slow down your website.
P3Profiler plugin creates a profiles of your WordPress sites plugins and provide the full reports about it’s working. Also show you how much it effects your website.
So if any plugin slow down your page loading time it helps you to find it, remove it and make more faster your loading time.

12 – WP Smush – Image Optimization

image : WP-Smush the best wordpress plugin to optimize images and speed up site
As if you’re a blogger then you know that without images you can’t ranked up in search engine results pages. Because without images contents looking so boring. 

Blogging is not about contents, it also about visual contents like pictures, infographics, videos, charts etc. WP smush plugin helps you to reduce image sizes, improving the performance and boost your SEO using its free WPMU DEV WordPress Smush API.

So these are some most experienced and most awesome and Best WordPress plugins which are used to increase your website loading speed and makes your website or blogs more faster. Hope you like these plugins, and if you want to add something new in this list, then tell me your suggestions in comment section . Thanks ! ! !