Home Gaming Zygor Guide – Guard against a permanent account ban using WoW

Zygor Guide – Guard against a permanent account ban using WoW

Zygor Guide – Guard against a permanent account ban using WoW

The “Zygor Guide – Leveling Guide Usage and Comprehensive Review” by Vetio Vee explains why the features found in this guide are the most powerful on the market. With over five years of using Zygor, Vee is considered knowledgeable in the field of gaming in not only the Zygor Guide brand but also with other leveling guide makers. Vee explains how important it is to trust claims made from a guide maker or risk account termination.

The Zygor brand is a major player in the industry with millions of copies sold; gamers are more than hooked on what these guides can offer. For those that are not acquainted with Zygor, it is a World of Warcraft guide which helps players level up in the least amount of time possible. World of Warcraft or as most gamers like to call it, “Wow” is an online enchanted world like no other.

Zygor Guide Changing The World Of Gaming

The first guide to revolutionize the industry with features like onscreen game play, real-time monitoring and full compliance with Blizzard, Inc., put this guide above the rest. These business strategies gave the company a major footprint in the industry.
To date, the guides are still ranked number one and continue to prove their domination within the gaming world. Together with the technology expertise and efforts to comply with all Blizzard, Inc. policies and regulations, the guide is seen by gamers as second to none. Other guide maker’s advertise similar claims, yet fail to comply with “World of Warcraft” policies or fail to deliver on content and features. Trusting a guide that does not comply with the rules of the game is dangerous and can result in a permanent ban. If the player is banned, the only choice is for the player to purchase another game at the full price. This is the only legal way to setup a new account.

The Team Behind The Best Leveling Guide In The Industry

How does a company capture the title of the bestselling guide in the industry? It starts with a lot of hard work and effort to deliver products and services that are second to none. Zygor runs a expert staff of programmers, testers, designers that are all gathered to provide the gamer an improved playing experience. The combination of a solid team and outstanding customer service, makes them the go to guide for a newbie or professional gamer.

What Zygor’s brought to the market was similar to what CDs and DVDs brought to the entertainment world. The norm was crushed; there was no longer a need for the ebook guide or the hardcopy print. The old way of two monitors or paging through a book no longer made sense. As a result these two methods of gaming became extinct. Zygor guides installed within their own environment, yet blend into the interface of the game. The Zygor guide is the only maker that continues to adhere to all Blizzard, Inc. rules and regulations. Using these guides will protect the player from permanent account bans.

Free Zygor Levelling Guide to Trial – Great with Cataclysm

World of Warcraft can be difficult when levelling up sometimes, not only is it difficult to find quests in some areas it’s also difficult to know what order to do them in so that you level up fast. Fortunately there is help out there with the Zygor Levelling Guides.

Cataclysm with Zygor Levelling Guides

When the new World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm launched, some worlds changed forever in the game while others were added. For some weeks after the release normally busy places such as Ironforge and Stormwind City were quiet with everyone starting new characters.

A lot of the player base started out in the Worgen and Goblin starter areas making World of Warcraft a completely new game until these characters joined other races in the older world.

Zygor Levelling Guides

Zygor guides had everything ready for the launch of Cataclysm so that on midnight of the launch day you could start a new character straight away. Once you’d gone through the character creation screens and arrived in the starter area, the Zygor guide was ready and pointing you in the right direction, literally.

What does the guide do?

The Zygor levelling guide has the fastest path to levelling a character possible. Sometimes it makes no sense with the order you have to do things, but it will a few steps further on in the game when you can complete a load of tasks together rather than running around needlessly. Sometimes the guide will get you to buy something from the auction house in one of the main cities to be able to use later and so saving time.

The Interface

Since Cataclysm the interface on Zygor has been made more adaptable to your needs, you can have as much or as little showing. You’re able to change the settings in many different ways, for example, how many steps back or ahead you want to show. When you’ve completed the various quests, Zygor instructs you to hand them in (sometimes this could be five or more quests) and then you see your levels increase dramatically.

The new interface is very easy to use and within minutes you are running around completing the new quests.

One of the most useful features of Zygor is the inbuilt GPS settings. The waypoint arrow towards the top of the screen shows you which direction to follow and how far it is to your next destination. This also works well when using a flying mount.

This type of guide by Zygor or any of their competitors are not cheap, but do add a lot of value to the game. It’s a lot less frustrating than having to run round to find the quest giver, and saves a lot of time overall.

The Zygor guides come complete with 4 different and distinct guides for levels 1-60. This means that when you feel like starting a new character, you will not have to follow the same path again adding freshness to the game. When you reach levels 80-85 there are a further five choices in which to reach current endgame.

Other great features include the Smart Injection System. This is great when you switch characters to a pre-existing one where the guide simply fast forwards through each step to where you currently are.

Zygor guides come with a lot of other bundled guides too many to mention here, and available for use on Windows and Mac OS systems.

There are other levelling guides which you might like to try and its wise to do so as you can try most of them on a free trial. These are normally limited in some way, for example Zygor levelling guides are limited to levels 1-20. Once you’ve tried these guides though, be warned, you won’t want to play World of Warcraft without one again.