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10 Useful WordPress Blogging Tips for Writers

10 Useful WordPress Blogging Tips for Writers

Blogging is a way of expressing your ideas while at the same time earning extra money. For some writers, blogging is the primary source of income as it brings a fair profit and public attention. Blogging is getting more and more popular, it is forecasted that by 2020 the number of bloggers will reach 31.7 million. More interesting, that the major part of writers uses WordPress content management system to run their site. However, if you are one of the enthusiastic writers then at some point competition might get overwhelming. The positive note is that the WordPress platform is easy to implement for your blog. Moreover, we have ten tips for WordPress bloggers on how to increase their content success and boost a blog’s performance.

10 Tips for Bloggers:

  1. Understand Your Audience

Your audience is the most crucial point of the blog because the content doesn’t mean anything if no one is reading it. At first, it is possible that you will form the audience yourself by writing about a specific niche. Although topics and posts depend on your vision, it is essential always notice audience needs and feedback. If you only write about the issues that matter to you, then your blog will become a dairy rather than a professional online journal. However, it would be best if you didn’t forget yourself as the blog is your way of communicating personal ideas, but be mindful of recent trends and readers insights.

10 Tips for Bloggers - blogging

  1. Tell Stories

Stories take readers attention and keep them reading, and a compelling story performs better than plain facts and statistics. People love stories, therefore when writing a blog post, you should always give it a go. HubSpot marketing experts state that catching stories are an essential part of a marketing funnel flow. If you want to get more readers and leads keep their attention with a fascinating plot. Moreover, include them into a story and make it more personalized, as more readers can relate to it. It will boost your engagement rates and audience at a significant level.

  1. Use Appealing Structure

WordPress platform has many features that help to structurize the content and make it look more appealing to the reader’s eye. Still, it would help if you didn’t forget that some specific techniques make text easier to read and scan with eyes. First of all, divide the text into short paragraphs, it will keep the reader’s attention. Also, it is recommended to use short and sharp sentences, and avoid wordy structures. Throw out intensifier words such as very, really, extremely, as they make an article harder to read and understand. Use illustrations and pictures to make a text more engaging.

  1. Don’t Forget CTA

Your blog posts should have a clear purpose, which could be to make readers take a second step. For this matter it is suggested to use Call to Action (CTA) links and buttons, it can be a simple phrase such as follow us on social media or subscribe for the newsletter. The main point is to encourage your visitors to take action. Of course, instead of a brief line leading to the next page, you can use more prominent and more visible buttons, to be sure your readers wouldn’t miss it.

  1. Use Online forms

Your blog has to attract readers not only with engaging content but also with the professional service. For that, you can use additional plugins and services. For example, 123FormBuilder can help you with online order form for your checkout page. The platform is useful if you promote and sell some service or a product.

  1. Create an Original Design

WordPress platform is famous for its broad features and user-friendly implementation, while you can choose from many different plugins you can also find design templates. Templates are helpful if you don’t have any design experience, but it is recommended to avoid premade designs and create your own. We know that it is an extra investment, but eventually, it will pay off as beautiful design attracts more visitors. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry that your competitors or other companies will end up having a similar site architecture.

  1. Mistake free

There is nothing worse than a blog post full of grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Readers won’t take your work seriously if it’s inconsistent and is hard to read because of unprofessional mistakes. Also, we know, mistakes are human, but to diminish the level of error use online tools such as Grammarly or Reverso to edit your posts and ensure mistakes-free content.

  1. Promote Content

A great message needs to be spread the same goes for your blog content. If you have a thorough SEO campaign and it brings organic traffic, it’s still not enough to generate a broad audience. You can keep with low costs involved by using social media channels, it doesn’t require big financial investments but can bring great success. Also, consider promoting your post with backlinks on popular blog sites, and use backlinks from other blogs to ensure a better SEO and traffic. Moreover, promotion channels depend on the audience you are dealing with, therefore always follow their interests.

  1. Analyze Performance

Last but not least, analyze your blog’s performance by following analytic tools. Examine which pages and blog posts function best, and determine which need improvement. It will help to enhance your blog’s strengths and soften weaknesses. Plus, it’s a great method to find which communication channels bring the biggest traffic and what is your target audience.

  1. Improve Your Blog

After analyzing the blog’s performance and indicating the central insights, use them to improve your content and website’s work. If some particular articles achieve greater results, then consider writing more similar content. On the other hand, if there are specific texts that don’t bring expected attention, diminish a number of related writings.

Blogging is an excellent way to spread your ideas and put your thoughts on a digital paper. If you decide to take on blogging as a career path, then use the tips mentioned above to improve your writings and generate more readers. Have in mind, that using WordPress for your blog is ideal if you don’t have many web developing or design skills. By writing compelling content, structuring it right, promoting and at the end analyzing it, your blog will thrive and bring consistent traffic.



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