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Top gadgets to lookout for in 2019


2018 is coming to a close and what it year it was for gadgets, I’ve picked up a ton of them myself, but 2019 is around the corner and I cannot wait for the incredible line up coming up and I’m sure you can’t either, so here are some of the top gadgets coming out in 2019 that’ll for sure catch your attention and maybe a purchase as well.

The ETape16

The basic measuring tape has not received any specific type of upgrade for years unless you count simply making them heavier. Well, the team at eTape16 have solved the problem of that old saying “measuring twice cutting once” with their new version coming up in 2019 people will be able to digitally see the exact measurement from their device. The device will allow users to save time and money from the constant mistakes of getting the wrong measurements. There is no doubt this gadget will be a home necessity.

Smart espresso machine

Mornings are often the hardest part of the day, wrestling yourself to get up and prepare a nice cup of coffee to wake you up is sometimes a drag, however, I think I found an excellent solution to that problem with the smart espresso machine. This gadget allows users to connect via an app and set a time when your espresso machine should begin brewing up a cup. In addition, the machine also alerts you when you are low on water or coffee grounds because the last thing you need in the morning is to find out that you have no coffee in stock! New improved models should be hitting the shelves in 2019.

Elmer French Style Smart Shower

2019 will change how you see the home shower forever, introducing the Elmer French Shower that allows users to get rid of all the handles, knobs an shower oils cluttering your bathroom. This incredible shower also can sync up to your phone and play your music, meaning no more phone water damange ever again, and if you have good internet service providers, the Amazon Echo would also be compatible with this shower.

The iOttie’s Easy One Touch

Today our smartphones are used for practically everything, from entertainment device to alarm clock, but for those travel junkies who love to take roadtrips a smartphone is one thing, their GPS device. With the iOttie one touch you can now mounth your phone on the dash of your car without having to be distracted by having to constantly look down at your phone. You might be asking, is this simply a car mount? Yes and no, The iOttie allows users to not only havea stable mount, but also includes a wirless charging dock that is sure to keep your phone fromm dieing midway through a busy highway. With its adjustable height and added features, this is no doubt a must buy for your 2019 roadtrips.

Here where the top gadgets that we are looking for in 2019, there is no doubt that next year is shaping up to be one of the best years for tech and we cannot wait for what other suprises will come our way.