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4 Reasons to Use a Cloud-Based DNS Service

Cloud-Based DNS Service

The Domain Name System, or DNS for short, is basically a naming system for computers or any other computerized resources that are connected to the Internet or any private network. The system associates data with the domain names of each participating resource in the network.

DNS translates domain names that are usually represented in easy to memorize names to numerical IP addresses used by computer services and worldwide devices.

It acts like the Internet’s main directory and is an important part of most Internet-based services.

This article observes four key reasons why you should consider shifting from traditional systems to a cloud based DNS service.

To enhance the efficiency, performance, and security of your website, you need to use a cloud-based DNS service.

When you move DNS to the cloud, you can reduce availability constraints, significantly lower risks, and security vulnerabilities, and reduce the performance limitations of your DNS, whether you’re using a homegrown system, hosting provider, or your Internet Service Provider’s system.

Here are a few more reasons to shift to a cloud-based DNS provider:

  1. Better Resource Management

With a cloud based DNS service, you get a dedicated DNS design and better resource management. Designing and running a worldwide DNS network with all the necessary security requirements on your own is an expensive and time-consuming task.

Most ISPs may not even have the requisite knowledge and expertise to provide you with the most efficient enterprise-level DNS performance.

The good news is you can turn over your DNS operations to experts with cloud based facilities and free up your team to work on tasks they understand best.

  1. Quicker Cloud-Based DNS Resolution and Performance
DNS service provider

You need to accelerate DNS resolution to enhance efficiency. You can achieve this goal with the help of an experienced cloud-based DNS service provider who operates large scale networks with multiple global PoPs.

To scale things up, you may also need real-time traffic steering with both load balancing and failover policy and performance-related real-time data.

The cloud-based DNS service will help you reduce the impact of DDoS attacks and have a balanced global load either by region or between different CDNs. 

  1. Cloud-Based DNS Services Provide Better Security Posture

Cloud-based DNS services provide multilayered security that uses several measures to defend against threats and establish trust.

The services have experienced security experts capable of monitoring and implementing the latest industry trends to ensure that your site’s security systems are constantly updated.

With cloud-based DNS, you can mitigate security threats by concealing each individual server’s address and distributing attacks across different computing resources.

  1. DNS Expertise, Network Security Experience, and 24/7 Support

Cloud-based DNS providers have full-time network security experts and DNS experts who will monitor the latest industry trends and update all data center systems at a regular interval.

A good cloud-based DNS service also provides 24/7 technical support for any technical issue you run into at any time of day or night.


The success of any online business depends on DNS speed and reliability for success. With a cloud-based DNS service, you will improve user experience and get better business outcomes.

However, make sure that you choose a provider with global DNS infrastructure and the latest resources.