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Top 5 Best Torrent Apps for Android in 2017

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Torrents are very useful if you want to download large files from the web. You can download a lot faster than regular downloading with Torrents. Also, you can upload a large to share it with others easily. But you need to install an external application to download a torrent file on your Android phone. No need to browse the web because I am going to tell you about the best torrent apps for Android in this article.

Torrent are fitting to download large files because it contains high-speed from peering. You will see Seeds and Leechers beside each file on torrents sites. The speed increases or decreases by the number of seeds.

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Torrent doesn’t store the data from your shared file, but it keeps the location and pieces from your file on its server. These apps spread a large file into small parts to download quickly from your computer or Android device with third-party software. That’s enough. Let’s find out the best torrent apps for Android to use right now. So, without any further ado let’s begin with best torrent apps for android.

Top 5 Best Torrent Apps For Android

Flud Torrent

There are loads to torrent client apps on Play Store. Therefore, it could be difficult to pick one. Flud Torrent is one of best torrent apps to download for Android phones currently. It has a simple, clean and responsive interface. Many people are using this app to download torrent files from the web.

There’s no point of using an app with a spectacular design but not enough features to back it up. Users can schedule downloads on Flud application. It’s a handy feature to download at your pace and comfort. Are you from India? You can take advantage of Jio Happy Hours of unlimited 4G from 2 A.M to 5 A.M or Vodafone Superhour pack as well. I like to consider it the best torrent app for Android to download files in 2017. Did I forget something? Oh yeah! Flud Torrent is available for free, free & free.


µTorrent is the most common name when it comes to downloading torrent files. I am using it right now on my PC. It built with a simple, clean and user-friendly interface. µTorrent offers a free and premium version. The free version is good enough downloading torrent files without any perplexity.

Best Torrent Apps for Android

There are many settings for downloading torrents in this app. You will notice two option to download a file on torrent websites.

Direct Download: Click on it and file will start downloading. Next, find it on your Android phone and tap on it. It’ll open with µTorrent automatically.

Magnet Link: Click on this option, and you will see a notification on the browser. Click ok to open with µTorrent directly without any downloading.

Users can download specific files from a large file. Also, it lets pause, resume and delete particular files during downloading. You can remove the file from torrent after downloading or remove torrent+data to delete from your computer by one click. µTorrent has a feature to store files in external memory as well. Check Best Torrent Sites which I posted before.

Bit Torrent

BitTorrent and µTorrent are a pretty close choice for torrents. It is also well-known among the torrent users for many years. The simple design is a key feature of this app. You can move files to SD card after downloading without any hassle. Just delete and add torrent files whenever you want with few clicks.

BitTorrent android app

You can play audio after downloading the torrent file in the app. There’s no restriction or limit on downloading on Bit Torrent unlike any other apps out there. Also, you are getting it at no cost as well. It has free (ads) and premium version (ad-free) similar to µTorrent.

tTorrent Lite

tTorrent Lite is a bit different than any others torrent apps in this list. Why? Becuase it lets you create your own torrent files. It’s available in other applications and so it’s a unique feature of this app.

tTorrent Lite

tTorrent allows you to add your own proxy to download the torrent files. There are some other features in this app too. You’ll see ads in the free version, and you need to pay a small amount to go ad-free. tTorrent Lite has a web-integrated browser to search and download torrent files at ease. Also check Best eBook Torrent Sites which I shared before!


aTorrent is another excellent choice to download torrent files within few clicks. It has a special feature for downloading movies and TV shows. It shows IMDB rating during downloading so that you can pick the best movie or shows quickly.


aTorrent has a separate part to display downloads, seeding, finished, and unfinished torrent files. I recommend you to try aTorrent if you want to watch movies and TV shows with IMDB rating. It could be the best torrent application in this category. You won’t know until you try.

Final Verdict

I’ve shared with you best torrent apps for Android to download right now. All of these apps are free. Did you find it useful? Let me know if I missed any popular torrent app for Android in the comment box below.

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Don’t forget to share this information with your friends on social media to help other Android users as well. I’m glad to see that you made till the end. Keep visiting for more interesting articles. What’s your favourite torrent app for Android currently?