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5 tips for organizing the scheduling of patients in your dental office

5 tips for organizing the scheduling of patients in your dental office

Did you know that there are currently a series of tips and tools that can help a lot when organizing the scheduling of patients in your office? That’s right! For your business to be successful, you need to be aware of new technologies and know how work can be simpler and even automated.

Thinking about it and how this simple factor can have a direct influence on your performance and also on the financial performance of your clinic, we will list five tips for you to optimize your time in the office.

1. Use management software

With a management software such as doctors rostering system, the first step will be taken to computerize, optimize and unify all information. With such a program, you can easily change patient information, as well as manage your schedule in a more practical way. It will be much more practical to manage medical records, reports, certificates and even finances. You can personally benefit from such a system, as it is also possible to include reminders on your cell phone and manage your schedule remotely.

consultation time 5 tips for organizing the scheduling of patients in your dental office

2. Manage consultation time

Managing your time is one of the most efficient tools to have more productivity in less time.

It is very common that, due to the delay in some appointments, other patients end up waiting a lot, and the day’s schedule gets very complicated. It is best to try to maintain a standard of care and calculate the ideal time for each appointment. If you know that a certain procedure will take more than an hour, then already attend with this expectation. Also avoid fitting in between consultations. Try to leave the unscheduled times until the end because the only risk will be to delay those that were not already marked in the agenda. Avoiding delays and managing time well are fundamental factors for patient satisfaction and also for the well-being of your team, who will not need to deal with the irritations and possible dropouts of delayed patients.

When schedules are not computerized and optimized, it is difficult to identify whether a patient has more than one procedure in the clinic or even if one of the colleagues has a very busy or empty schedule. With a system that unifies the schedules of all professionals in the clinic, it is possible to identify and save time in cases like these.

Confirm in advance 5 tips for organizing the scheduling of patients in your dental office

4. Confirm in advance

Missing patients can seriously damage a day’s work. The schedule is empty, idle, even when there is a waiting list for that professional. Confirming a day or two in advance can greatly reduce the rate of absences due to forgetfulness, for example. You can send the reminder via WhatsApp or even make a call, if it’s faster.

5. Invest in training for your employees

It doesn’t matter how you choose to manage your schedules. Whether with applications, with virtual calendars, or with management software, your team will always need to be well aligned, informed and prepared to know how to deal with unforeseen circumstances and manage their time in the best possible way.

You will also want your employees to master any tool you choose to use in your office. They can still give you very important feedbacks about the performance of the programs and the use of time in the clinic.

From these five tips, it must have been a lot easier to see how you can make better use of your time, the time of your clinic and your colleagues in the office, right? More can be done in less time, investing in the right tools and optimizing processes. This type of optimization can also help you better manage business risks, because measures that involve organization and planning are great strategies to reduce the chances of problems and unnecessary dangers occurring in your office. These measures bring more quality to the service and avoid the wear and tear of constantly “putting out fires”.