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Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G Technology!

Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G Technology!

We have seen data technology evolving with every passing day. It started with 2G, then evolved into 3G and from 3G to 4G LTE. Now, 5G technology withholds the future of technology. Whispers of 5G have been around for quite a while, and soon it’s going to get launched. Several of the mobile companies have launched 5G supported phones to welcome the arrival of 5G with great zeal. With gigabit internet in play, why do we need 5G internet? How is it going to benefit us with our internet needs? With these particular questions in mind, we have formed this article to introduce you all with the advantages and disadvantages of this upcoming technology when it comes to smart devices and cell phones.

faster speeds Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G Technology!


·        Increased Bandwidth to deliver faster speeds:

With 3G and 4G we all suffer from slow internet speeds when streaming videos and downloading files, 5G’s increased bandwidth solves this problem. Increased bandwidth offered by 5G won’t let network crowding lower your internet speeds. 5G offers data rates of about 10 GB per second making the internet experience all the more interesting and amazing. This next-generation technology offers high-resolution and bi-directional bandwidth making the data transfer blazing fast. This technological enhancement has made various ISP’s around the world super competitive in order to provide the masses what they are looking for. Internet providers NYC in particular are doing their best to provide the best packages to cater to the competitive environment. 

·        The true potential of new technologies can be explored with 5G:

The high-speeds offered by 5G technology will allow us to explore the full potential of the latest and upcoming technologies. Certainly, 5G enabled smart devices will operate thousands of times faster than that of the 4G network. The task which previously could only be performed on laptops or desktops could be done on 5G enabled smart mobile devices quite efficiently. However, on the other hand, 5G technology is also opening new horizons for the technologies which weren’t available before or they were available but couldn’t be used to its full potential due to the non-compatible internet speeds.

·        Allows immediate Connection Establishment:

5G has decreased the latency by 10x. With a low latency rate i.e. of 1mm, 5G technology will be able to establish an immediate connection. It is expected to provide a uniform, uninterrupted and reliable connectivity in the covered area. Well, this buzzing technology has 100 times widened the traffic capacity and has improved the spectrum efficiency by 3 times.

lowrange Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G Technology!


·        Increased bandwidth directly proportional to less coverage

One of the biggest advantages of 3G cell towers was that they had the ability to cover a wide territory with a few cells. This is mostly because the network didn’t offer much of the bandwidth, which means the network had to send across fewer cells. However, as the technology developed to 4G, each cell had to provide more bandwidth making the coverage radius of each cell smaller compared to the cell radius of 3G technology. Now with the 5G technology, the trend is going to continue making the cell radius even smaller than that of the 4G LTE. So greater the bandwidth, lower will be the coverage area.

·        Signal transfer through radio frequency may prove to be problematic:

Radios, satellites and other cell towers operate by utilizing the potential of radiofrequency. We all know the unit of frequency is hertz or simply speaking it is measured in hertz. But the radio frequency operates in the range of GHz. The reports on 5G technology indicate that the data is going to be transmitted within the range of 6 GHz. Well, this radio frequency is pretty swarming already with the satellite links, etc. with the great range of signals already swamping this frequency it is safe to think that it may get crowded or the signals transmitted through this frequency range will interfere with each other. It is predicted to have lots of signal scrambling issues at the sending and receiving ends.

·        Security and privacy issues:

As discussed in the above point, due to the high transmission of data there are great chances of security breaches and privacy violations in the 5G network.

·        High-cost:

5G equipment is quite costly and requires skilled professionals to install them. It certainly makes 5G a costly network option.


Though 5G technology is going to make us all go crazy with its amazing speeds, it still has its downsides. Privacy is one of them. None of us would like to compromise on his/her privacy just for the sake of high-speed internet. 5G technology is going to take the world of internet by storm but still, the potential of cable and fiber networks cannot be beaten easily. 5G requires a great deal of work in order to deliver efficiency along with security. If you’re finding yourself a secure internet then online search portal can prove to be of great help to you.