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Know the Stunning Gadgets to Watch Out for in 2020

Echobeat Wireless Earphones Know the Stunning Gadgets to Watch Out for in 2020

If you’re a techie kind of person, surely you’re now on the edge of your seat while waiting for the latest gadgets this year 2020. The good news is we can now take a sneak peek at these new technologies that are in store for us in the coming months.

A range of high-end devices – from wireless earbuds and fitness gadgets to new-generation game consoles and foldable smartphones – is coming at us gadget fans this new year. So, without further ado, it’s time to save your hard-earned money to get your hands on this year’s stunning gadgets. Here’s a list.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Know the Stunning Gadgets to Watch Out for in 2020

Microsoft Xbox Series X

Gamers can expect a complete makeover of the Microsoft Xbox Series this year. According to the tech company, there’s an upgrade to the performance and design of this iconic gaming console. Mark the last quarter of 2020 for the release of the Xbox Series X, and there will also be an exclusive set of gaming titles about to be released.

The Xbox Series X will go all-out in terms of its design. Unlike the old Bluray-like shape, the latest Microsoft gaming console is shaped like a tower, resembling the look of a mini PC.

At the time of this writing, there’s still no news about the exact specs and hardware of the gadget. But the tech giant promises that it has a better graphics performance than their previous gaming consoles.

Echobeat Wireless Earphones Know the Stunning Gadgets to Watch Out for in 2020

Echobeat Wireless Earphones

Dubbed as the new rival of Apple Airpods, the Echobeat is a pair of new-generation wireless earbuds out of Silicon Valley. This wireless earphones boast of its top-level performance and affordable price. It also has first-rate sound quality and stunning ergonomics.

You can bike, climb, and run while listening to your favorite music, thanks to the device’s Bluetooth technology.

Bose Audio Sunglasses Know the Stunning Gadgets to Watch Out for in 2020

Bose Audio Sunglasses

Indeed, the world is getting more high-tech every year. Have you heard of a pair of sunglasses that can be linked to Bluetooth, play your favorite songs, and make and answer calls? That’s what Bose Audio Sunglasses can do.

These fantastic sunglasses surely protects your eyes from the harsh sunlight, but it can also be paired with other stunning gadgets to access apps like Google Maps, Skype, and Spotify. You can also choose from two cool frames – Rondo and Alto – to make you look stylish. Bose is also looking to manufacture a pair of sunglasses that can access gaming and fitness apps.

5G iPhone

The 5G network coverage is yet to be widely realized, but smartphone manufacturers are now eager-beaver to unveil 5G smartphones. One prediction has it that Apple will bring this feature to its latest iPhone this year, along with some iPhone handsets.

This 5G smartphone will likely be released in September, in time when the 5G network coverage will be far more extensive.

Google Pixel Watch

If you already have a full collection of mechanical authentic watches, it’s now time to own a modern smartwatch. If you’re planning to do so, then you can start it with the Google Pixel Watch series.

Rumor has it that Google will release the much-anticipated Pixel series this 2020. According to tech experts, the Google Pixel smartwatches will have top-level and advanced hardware specs.

Moreover, the tech giant is also expected to unveil the Swordfish and Angelfish smartwatches later this year. GPS, LTE connectivity, and a heart-rate monitor are only some of the features of these fantastic wearables.

Motorola Razr

This year, Motorola will launch its long-anticipated smartphone that has a bendable screen. This gadget pays tribute to the iconic flip-smartphone by the tech company. If the launching becomes successful this year, Motorola will become the third smartphone maker to offer a foldable phone with a bendable screen (next to Huawei and Samsung).

Despite having these features, the company doesn’t market its upcoming flagship as a smartphone-slash-tablet gadget. As per Motorola, it functions as a smartphone no matter you fold/bend it or not.

Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker

For sure, Echo Input Portable will be the hottest smart speaker this year. This gadget is voice-controlled and comes with hands-free access to Alexa. Not only that, but it features 360-degree audio with advanced voice recognition. It means that you can use this smart speaker with ease around the house.


Now you know the latest stunning gadgets to come out this year. So, if I were you, I will already start saving money to get my hands on these promising gadgets once they are released. Keep them on your wishlist: the Motorola Razr, Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker, 5G iPhone, Google Pixel Watch, Bose Audio Sunglasses, Microsoft Xbox Series X, and Echobeat Wireless Earphones.