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Download & Install OxygenOS 4.1.3 on OnePlus 3/3T (OTA + Full ROM)


OnePlus begins rolling out the OxygenOS 4.1.3 OTA Update for OnePlus 3/3T. Many people got Oxygen OS 4.1.3 on OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T already. You can receive OTA updates or update to  Oneplus 3/3T OxygenOS 4.1.3. Is that OxygenOS 4.1.3 on OnePlus 3/3T?

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The new update is available for both OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T. This will be a huge update from OnePlus and it brings the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat beta version. The new Oxygen OS 4.1.3 brings new improvements and latest security patch fix too! See the tutorials from below to grab the new update on your OnePlus devices. So How to update OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T OxygenOS 4.1.3 Nougat Rom?

I’m going to tell you how to Download and Install OxygenOS 4.1.3 on OnePlus 3/3T in this article.

OxygenOS 4.1.3 on OnePlus 3/3T

Download OxygenOS 4.1.3 for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T (OTA + Full ROM)

OxygenOS 4.1.3 OTA Update for OnePlus 3/3T introduced Wi-Fi IPv6 Support toggle, Smart Wi-Fi Switcher optimisation. It will activate from Wi-Fi to data connection if Wi-Fi has a poor signal to stable the connection at once.

You should read this post till the end if you want to upgrade to latest Oxygen OS 4.1.3 OTA version. Let me tell you some of the key features about the new update before moving onto the download and installation part. so, let’s start. Shall we?

Key Features and Changelogs: OxygenOS 4.1.3 OTA

  • Upgraded Android 7.1.1.
  • Added expanded screenshots.
  • Improved picture taking of moving objects with blur reduction.
  • Improved video stability when recording.
  • Improved WiFI connectivity.
  • Improved bluetooth connectivity.
  • Fixed Instagram swiping bug.
  • Fixed hardware buttons malfunction bug.
  • Increased system stability.
  • General bug fixes.

Download OxygenOS 4.1.3 for OnePlus 3/3T [OTA + Full ROM]

You can download OxygenOS 4.1.3 update by visiting the link below. So, click on the appropriate link and download these files on your smartphone right now. Next, I’ll share with you how to install OxygenOS 4.1.3 on OnePlus 3/3T OTA update.

Oxygen OS 4.1.3 OTA FilesDownload Links
OnePlus 3 Oxygen OS 4.1.3 OTAUpdate Soon
OnePlus 3T Oxygen OS 4.1.3 OTADownload
Oxygen OS 4.1.3 Full ROM Zip FIlesDownload Links
OOS 4.1.3 full ROM zip for OP 3Download
OOS 4.1.3 full ROM Zip for OP 3TDownload

How to Update OnePlus 3/3T to OxygenOS 4.1.3?

Method 1

1) You must have downloaded OxygenOS 4.1.3 OTA zip file on your phone from above link by now.

2) Open Settings -> System Updates -> Settings Icon -> Local Upgrade and Select the OTA File.

3) The system would prompt ‘upgrade now’. Click on it and to proceed to start the installation process.

4) Now, just wait for a while until it completes installation on your device.

5) Your smartphone will restart by default after flashing.

You’ve installed OxygenOS 4.1.3 successfully. It’s a very simple method without any hassle. You’ll be able to it within few moments surely.

Method 2

1) You need to activate ‘USB debugging’ option from setting>developer option>. Go to Developer options and locate ‘About Phone’ and tap Build number 7 times.

3) Next, download ADB and fastboot driver for windows or ADB and Fastboot for Mac and install it on your computer.

4) Download OxygenOS 4.1.3 for OnePlus 3/3T from above link along with Copy ROM and paste it inside a ADB’s installation path.

5) Shut down your phone and go to boot from recovery mode.

3) Select ‘Install from ADB Sideload’ and connect your device to your laptop/desktop

4) Go to ROM folder and hold Shift+right click and click on open command here.

5) Now type below words to check your connection.

adb devices

You are ready to flash if you see your phone there.

6) Now, type the below command to install Oxygen OS 4.1.3 on OnePlus 3/3T

adb sideload File Name.zip

7) Just give it some time, and it will reboot automatically after flashing.

8) That’s it. You’ve installed the new update on your device from your PC/laptop.

Final Verdict

I’ve covered every info in this post so that you can Install OxygenOS 4.1.3 on OnePlus 3/3T (OTA + Full ROM). I hope that you’ll be able to update your smartphone without any trouble. Drop a comment below if you have any question regarding this topic. I’ll do my best to solve your query.

Stay tuned for more daily updates!