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Top Best video downloader of 2018


Recently the earth’s population has crossed 7 billion check posts. And from those 5 million are already on Smartphone. Keeping in mind, these numbers are increasing each mile a day with ascending desires and wanting from a Smartphone. Every hour, near about 8 out of 10 people are browsing about how to download high-quality videos from the internet in a good quality and with other amazing features.

On an average record, over 4 billion videos are uploaded in a day on World’s most favourite video’s hosting site YouTube. YouTube resides on top of the list when it comes to sharing of media. But like two sides of the coin, YouTube due to it privacy issues does not allow its user to download the video but somehow you can save some of the content but not every. To make your media saving experience richer, we have found some downloader which will help you to download videos according to desires not only from YouTube but from other media platforms too.

  1. Vidmate

Vidmate video Downloader

Vidmate is one of the most loved and popular  video downloader. it allows its users to download your favourite media content from some of the most loved and safest media platforms including Daily motion, Metacafe, vine, Facebook, Instagram and even from YouTube. Despite YouTube’s privacy settings, you can download your favourite content from YouTube too. Not only, you can choose between various media platforms but also you can choose your desired quality, format and resolutions of the media content. The application itself is the form of apk format which will not consume much larger spaces in your device’s storage. Making it loved by all, it does offer a lot more features, then just downloading videos. It offers its users to enjoy features like Streaming live TV.. Now never miss a show or match with Vidmate. With features water and securing your content with pass codes, Vidmate resides in the most favourite and preferable video downloader’s list.

  1. Tubemate

Tubemate video downloader

Tubemate is a cure for your music mood swings and is known for having a hassling free experience. Tubemate allows its users to download your favourite media content from the world’s most popular video hosting site YouTube in just tweak of seconds. ranging from 360p to 1080p, it allows its users to download the video content in desirable qualities, formats, and resolutions. To give you a most favourable experience, Tubemate is already in the apk format which does not occupy much larger space in your device’s storage which gives much larger rooms in your device for media. For providing a much-hassling experience, tube mate’s interface comes with not so complicated interface which is easy to navigate through. With an easily accessible interface, your downloaded media goes into your desired folder so that your media stays in front of your eyes. The best thing about the application is that you can download your media even from YouTube’s default application. Tubemate comes with many more exciting features, for providing an experience never than ever before it comes with media player too with makes your experience even richer.

  1. Snaptube

Snaptube video downloader

Snap tube provides to be the most secure platform for downloading media. it allows its users to download media from some of the most popular media hosting sites including, Daily motion, Tumbler, vine, Sound Cloud, Metacafe, Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube. You can download the media from YouTube despite its privacy settings. It only gives you choices between media platforms but also provides you a choice between downloading your media in your preferable resolution, quality, and formats. Snap tube uses ultra-fast technology for downloading media so that your media gets downloaded in just snap of seconds. Unlike others which ask you for high coasted subscriptions, it absolutely free of cost. Snap tube gives accessibility to choose your desired media in different formats even in FLV which goes into your desired media folder.

  1. YT3 YouTube downloader

YT3 YouTube video downloader

YT3 YouTube video downloader is one of the easiest and less complicated ways of downloading media. To make your accessibility less nerve-breaking it directly goes into your download folder. It comes with less complicated and flat interface. To make your experience more worth, it allows its users to download their favourite media with just a tap in no time ever.  It comes with simplest and smartest interface which allows you to get search result mostly accurate. Being in the most favourite’s list it is an only downloader which allows its users to get access to the lyrics of the media while downloading. it gives its users accessibility to download the media in preferable formats include mp3, mp4, and FLV.

  1. New pipe

new pipe video downloader

As it sounds, the new pipe is newest in the town with super clean and new concept of downloading. it is the smartest and smallest video downloader top make to the list. It allows its users to download media in any preferable resolutions format and qualities in just blink on an eye. Despite being the smartest, it is the smallest too. It smallest and simple interface perfectly fits into your device’s storage. It super small interface works ultra technologies which allow its users to download media without worrying about draining of batteries. Being the smartest and easily accessible, newpipe allow its users to give your media new names according to your preferences. With being a smartest media downloader, it is mind blowing media player too. with features like background playing of media, it allows its users to curate playlists of their favourite music on the go.